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Calling them idols and supporting the removal of statues that are deemed by the woke mob to be racist, entrepreneur Jack Brewer said during a recent panel discussion on the Newsmax program “Spicer & Co.” that he disagreed with President Donald Trump on historic preservation.

Host Sean Spicer, a former press secretary for President Trump, had cited a Huffington Post poll that showed – among the general public – that there has been hardly any change in the way people feel about removing statues despite the fever-pitch campaign against them by members of the Black Lives Matter movement. In the two polls, taken in 2017 and 2020, it’s remained at 33% of people in favor of removal, and 49% against.

Project 21 member Wayne Dupree pushed back on Brewer’s justification that “I don’t believe in idols” by pointing out that these are just statues and aren’t being afforded the reverence that Brewer and others give them:

I know about racial issues, but I don’t look at them as idols… They’re just statues, and I barely ever, ever see them if I even drive past them.

I don’t see anyone getting on their knees. I don’t see nobody praying to them. I don’t see nobody giving them homage and holding seances…

As for completely removing these statues from public view, Wayne said that is more of an issue of pleasing the mob than bringing about any form of justice:

To me, and a whole lot of people I know, it hasn’t bothered anyone before. It’s not bothering anybody now. They just want to take them down because it makes them feel good.


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Author: Jennifer Biddison