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House Oversight Committee master-blaster Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), who is digging — successfully — into the Biden family’s alleged influence peddling, believes there may be more than half a dozen Bidens leeching cheddar from the tens of millions of dollars sent to family members by people with ties to the Chinese commies.

FACT-O-RAMA! Communist China — which is spying on us with balloons, maintains secret police stations in North America, and is currently seeking ways to disarm our military satellites — is considered our biggest enemy and the greatest threat to our nation. Yet it has funneled tens of millions of dollars to the Biden family. Coincidentally, Joe Biden has taken criticism for being soft on China with regard to the origins of COVID-19 and the billion-dollar industry of Chinese fentanyl pouring over our southern border, which leaves 80,000-plus Americans dead from overdoses every year.

“At the end of this, I think we’re gonna see there are probably six or seven Biden family members who were involved in various business schemes around the world,” Comer revealed to Fox News’s Laura Ingraham.

A Family Tradition

Comer did not name names, but he recently mentioned that a “new Biden” had dipped his or her beak — for the first time — into a $3 million payment sent to Hunter Biden lackey John “Rob” Walker. Walker received this payment from two people with ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He then distributed the cheddar to three members of the Biden family.

Comer further stated that, though he had bank records in hand via subpoena, he had no idea what the $3 million payment was for.

He wasn’t done spilling Biden family secrets, either. He further told Ingraham:

So this just shows how deep the Biden family was involved in this influence-peddling scheme.

It looks to me like these people, who are closely aligned with the Chinese Communist Party, sent $3 million to a shell corporation, then they turned around and split it three ways with a third going to the Biden family – three different family members for no apparent reason.

They didn’t invest it in a business. They just, it appears, stuck it in their pocket.

La Famiglia

The Bidens are starting to look more like a New York Mafia family than a political dynasty. Here are the big players we know about thus far in the Biden la Cosa Nostra family:

  • Joe “the Big Guy” Biden, head of the Biden crime syndicate.
  • Jim “Consigliere” Biden, Joe’s brother. Remains close to Joe. Though Jim stays out of the press, the FBI has a bushel of evidence pointing to years of his shenanigans.
  • Hunter “Fredo” Biden, Joe’s son. Ukrainian bagman, known for videotaping himself smoking crack and plowing hookers.
  • Frank “Frankie the Magician” Biden, Joe’s brother. Takes high-paying jobs with fledgling companies, and suddenly those businesses start landing lucrative government contracts.

Ed Reinke

So who is the “new Biden” found scooping cash from the family slush fund? Comer hasn’t told us, but we have some suspects:

  • Sara Biden, wife of Jim Biden.
  • Dr. Howard Krein, husband of Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, with whom Joe is believed to have taken “not appropriate” showers when she was a child.
  • Valerie Biden Owens, Joe’s sister. She ran all of his Senate campaigns as well as his failed 1988 and 2008 presidential runs.

FACT-O-RAMA! While vice president, Joe Biden was Obama’s point man for Ukraine and Costa Rica. During that time, the Biden family landed tasty contracts in numerous fields, despite a lack of experience in any of those fields, in both countries as well as Iraq, Mozambique, and the United States.

Rep. Comer’s Oversight Committee is a thorn in the side of the Biden family, but what can we expect to happen? Democrat fat cats — like the Clintons — always seem to walk away unscathed from allegations of wrongdoing.

But this Oversight Committee investigation might be different. As per Comer, up to seven members — thus far — of the Biden family might be involved in the alleged influence-peddling scheme. And with the known links between the Bidens and tens of millions of commie dollars that Comer claims he has found, this might become too big to hide.

On the other hand, does the nation really want to see the inauguration of President Harris?

One thing we do know is that the Biden family is finally against the ropes. When—not if—they fall, the world will see the Bidens’ ties to the Chinese commies who are trying to conquer us. I think the word for that is treason.

According to my history books, commies don’t go down easily. As their walls close in on them at this historical point in our nation’s existence, we can only expect the bolshies to roll up their sleeves and fight their hardest. And that’s what We the People must do as well.



Comer: There’s Evidence of CCP-Related Payout Distributed to Three Biden Family Members

By Nick Arama |

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Joe Biden’s Treasury Department has been stymying the effort to get suspicious activity reporters related to the Biden family business deals for years. It’s been a scandal that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. When Rep. James Comer (R-KY) tried to get the records before the Republicans took over the House, the Biden administration changed the rules that prevented members of Congress from getting the records unless it was from the Committees (which Democrats controlled). Then, even when the Republicans took over the House, the Treasury Department wasn’t complying initially.

But as we reported, the House Oversight Committees subpoenaed the bank records. They had scheduled a Treasury official to come in and explain in an interview on the record why the Department hadn’t complied with their requests. On Tuesday, Comer, now Chair of the Committee, announced that the Treasury Department had finally been forced to cooperate and was turning over records.

Comer also dropped a big tidbit about what they had been able to discover to date in their investigations. They had subpoenaed bank records from three Hunter Biden associates, including Rob Walker. They’re now reviewing 14 years of SARs from Bank of America.

Comer hit Sean Hannity’s show Monday night and Fox this morning to talk about some of what they’ve found so far.

According to Comer, Walker was wired millions by CCP-connected individuals two months after Joe Biden stopped being vice president. The money was then distributed to three Biden family members, including a Biden family member whose name has never been included previously as a recipient of any monies. Comer said that he couldn’t identify any related business and that it appeared to go into their personal accounts. He said that he believes it’s influence peddling, and that raises questions about people then being foreign agents. You have to be registered to be a foreign agent and that raises possible breaking of the law there as well. “The question is what were the Bidens doing to receive these massive amounts of money?” Comer asked. He also noted this was just one wire and they had many more to go through. He noted the Walker account was also just one account and there were many more associates.

Interestingly, Comer wasn’t giving up that third name and then he repeated there was a “problem” with figuring out what they were doing to get such sums of money from the CCP-connected people. “I think every American should be concerned about that,” Comer declared. “This is an issue of national security.”

How panicked are the Democrats? The ranking member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) tried to deflect and suggested this was somehow “opposition research” for President Donald Trump’s 2024 run. What is so incredibly ironic is that projection — that’s what the Clinton team did in hiring Fusion GPS in their effort to try to smear Trump and promote the Russia collusion hoax. But Comer and the Republicans have been pursuing this information for years, so unlike the Democrats, this isn’t about being slimy. Comer chastised Raskin for his remarks.

George Washington Law professor Jonathan Turley noted that these suspicious activity reports could go a long way to revealing the scope of the influence peddling. “It could also supply added evidence of possible criminal charges over tax crimes as well as unlawful work as a foreign agent. There are also possible allegations of evading financial rules, false statements, and even money laundering,” Turley explained. He also tweeted that “this is an example of why such transparency is needed to fully understand the scope of the alleged influence peddling by the Biden family.”

That’s a lot to go through with 14 years of records. Walker was also involved in the formation of the company that Tony Bobulinski spoke about that involved “10 percent for the big guy” — meaning Joe Biden — and we could potentially find out more about that. Walker was the guy that said Bobulinksi was going to “bury” all of them by talking.

So this is a huge break into unraveling all of it.