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Bear in mind as we go through this latest episode of “Wow, He’s Gotten Even Worse,” that we are barely a week removed from the lackey Biden apologists in the mainstream media rending their garments because the Wall Street Journal dared publish a story about the fact that Old Joe is losing it a bit. The Journal article was rather generous, saying that Biden is “slipping” “behind closed doors.”

Maybe no one at the Journal has internet. 

Yesterday, I wrote a column in which I referred to First Lady Jill Biden’s “Weekend at Bernie’s” plan should her husband become unfit for public appearances between now and the election. I was being my usual flippant self, of course — I can be a jerk, but I don’t wish harm on anyone. 

The lapdog media’s overwhelming attempts to keep the myth of a mentally functional Biden are failing, largely because it’s difficult to sugarcoat the video evidence relating to the man who has the most visible job in the world. This is from something that Robert wrote yesterday:

And now, finally, even low-information voters are waking up to what is going on: a new poll shows that even as the leftist political and media elites continue to prattle about his “stutter,” the American people aren’t buying it. Increasing numbers know that Old Joe ain’t home.

The pollsters at Rasmussen Reports noted on Monday that “a majority of voters perceive him as losing his mental sharpness.” The latest Rasmussen survey shows that “57% of Likely U.S. voters think that, over time, Biden is getting less and less mentally sharp. Thirty-three percent (33%) disagree.”

Robert goes on to speak for all sane Americans when he marvels that 33% of those polled still think that Biden has something going on upstairs. It’s important to remember that he was never really firing on all cylinders even before the years began to take their toll. 

As we have discussed many times before, Biden seems much worse with each new public appearance. He keeps going viral for all the wrong reasons. The latest is the strongest yet that the Republic is hanging on by a thread as long as this desiccated husk is in the Oval Office. 

This is from Matt: 

Mere days after Joe Biden appeared (to many) to have soiled himself in Normandy, France, another incident occurred, contributing to the large mountain of evidence of Biden’s cognitive decline. On Monday, Biden appeared to freeze momentarily during a Juneteenth commemoration at the White House. 

Footage from the event that has since gone viral shows Biden bizarrely motionless while everyone around him appeared animated and engaged in applause and dance during a performance by gospel artist Kirk Franklin.

Words can’t adequately describe Biden’s latest day trip to Bizarroworld. Take a look at the video before we go further: 


We can talk about Mr. Kamala Harris’s inability to bust a move and the ugly dude in an ugly dress who’s standing next to him later. Or not.

Biden looks more than a little frozen up there — he’s catatonic. The guy has no idea anyone else is around. He doesn’t need Secret Service protection, he needs a full-time nurse, a juice box, and a comfy room that is far, far away from the Gold Code and the nuclear football. 

This tweet of mine from last week applies to this debacle as well:

You know who else is thinking that? Kamala Harris. Look at the smile on her face in the video and the way that she pays no attention whatsoever to her boss the grinning idiot stiff. 

It is impossible for me to feel bad for Biden. If he were somebody’s crazy grandpa at the park, sure, he’d be an object of pity. As long as he is in a position to have the people running that empty head of his continue to destroy the country, he is the face of everything I despise about the Left. 

Despite the monumental embarrassment and shame that he is bringing upon the country, these zombie moron appearances of Biden’s are useful reminders for the voters. 

I hope that his handlers let him off leash every day between now and November 5.