According to a story written by Daniel over at welovetrump, the riots will begin again and the rioters are being supplies the bricks, food, water and money. Black Lives Matter Movement back again.

“Huge piles of bricks are starting to appear around Kenosha.


These aren’t for construction sites.

Not only is there no evidence of construction around, but the bricks are being left in alleys and “sketchy” areas.

If you’re not familiar with leftist behavior, this might be a strange thing to read about.

“Why does this matter?” you might be asking yourself.

But if you’re familiar with how leftists work, then you know exactly why these bricks are being dropped off in Kenosha.

Let’s do a flashback.

During the 2020 BLM riots, multiple moving trucks showed up in different cities.

The trucks were all filled with riot gear and pre-made signs and weapons.

Someone was clearly organizing the riots.

But who?

Don’t just take our word for it.” (Read Full Article)

Get prepared for more drama this coming winter season and next year. Don’t forget there are companies in business to organize rioters.