We have the power of the accusation! Witnessing all of the daily charges against men is tiresome. Just the accusation will cause a male to lose his job, reputation, friends and maybe his family. Just the accusation, perhaps decades old, is enough to damage a man. We see it in divorce, child custody cases and the workplace.

Ladies, do you really want your man working with other women? A woman could derail a males competitor for a job by just a rumor about abuse. Just a threat to go public will get the women paid off. No charges need to be filed, no court will be involved – just a whisper to Human Resources is enough.

What company is really excited about hiring more females? Something is out of place; something is out of alignment. The sexes are different, designed for different things, and it will never change. We can pretend and ignore the huge elephant in the room. It may make us feel better, but it will not make us better.

Women are equal under the law, have equal rights and are equal as humans. But we were not designed for equal tasks or responsibilities. Men and women are different. While we will conquer the world for you, we will not be conquered by you. While you can inspire us, you will not lead us.

Traditionally, men were expected to do the hunting, building, fighting and to do it until death. In the old days, it was “women and children first” while the man faced the danger. If women are as strong as men, why didn’t we say, “weakest and children first”?

Wives and children took the father’s last name in honor of his sacrifices. Children were raised up with the man’s last names because he was expected to die for them. That’s why you have “Billy Jr.” but not “Sally Jr.” But now women are keeping their maiden names. Some are actually giving the child the mother’s family name.

Women are still calling for “liberation” from men and have abandon the “celebration” of raising their children. This loosens the requirement of men to earn the attention of women. No longer are men required to be protective, wise, fatherly or even masculine. But we still get to date you … just not protect you? Good deal for the player among us, but very frustrating for the protective males among us.

Ladies, instinctively you seem attracted to the tall, strong, intelligent men but proclaim a desire for the sensitive, metro-sexual, tender, listening male. So the strong guy will change into the “friend” because we will present the package in the way you are asking.

But at 3 a.m. when someone kicks your front door open, you will not want the soft gentle,”best friend” to be lying next to you. And neither will your children. There is no 50/50 relationship in an emergency.

Men need to stop the game. We play along to play the ladies. We are doing a disservice to women and society. Women can be as strong as they wish but so should men. Leaders comes in both genders, but one should not be given Power of the Accusation over the other.

Women have won their “right” to leave the home and go to work, serve in combat (no draft), serve in government and crack nearly every domain once controlled by men. So, ladies, how are your children doing? Your lack of family time, raising and nurturing them has done great harm to them.

The television is now giving them their values; schools are free to teaching against your culture; and the State is controlling what they think. But you are getting awards and promotions. Your children have suffered, but you see no difference between men and women raising them.

So men and women are now competing in the workplace, and the children know more about the housewives of Atlanta than they know about mom and dad. Children cannot read or write but can recite the newest rap song. Our children hate their parents’ values, morals and our country. We have allowed crazy people to teach and entertain our children from kindergarten to graduating from college and wonder why we cannot speak to them.

If you are confused on the designed roles of both genders, let me ask a question. Let’s say a couple has a 1-week-old infant, and they are stranded on an island. One of the adults must die. Who’s death would increase the odds of the child also dying?

The male cannot feed a 1-week-old infant. We are designed to offer our life to the next generation. Go visit a nursing home and see that they are full of women because their husbands have passed on. We give you our strength, our name, our honor and even our lives. Can we get a thank you?

Ladies, if you are lying next to your man and you believe he will get up and confront the intruder, willingly giving his life for you, why would you not willingly live your life for him? We love our lives as much as you love yours. We don’t want to die just as an empty sacrifice for you. If you are not convinced that man will give his life for you, then why are you lying in that bed with him?

Meanwhile, we are not yet required to die for you – so can we get a sandwich? Can we have some attention, or are we just your servant and bodyguard? Honestly, ladies, the reason your son wants his artwork on the refrigerator is because he wants you to appreciate us males and be proud of us. It is because we love you, need you and thank God so much for you that we are willing to die for you.

Now, how about that sandwich?!