Last month, Sergio Martinez allegedly raped a 65-year-old Portland woman after being deported at least 20 times, being convicted of several crimes and taking advantage of Portland’s sanctuary city statues. But there is another serious crime we all may be missing.

What would motivate this criminal to travel 20 times back to the border, pay the smugglers to bring him across and continue to get arrested in America, only to live as a homeless man? We hear the reasons every day from liberals. We are told they come to do work Americans don’t want to do, escape poverty and to get a better life for themselves. But is there something else?

I spent over 30 years in San Diego near the biggest border crossing in the world. You can walk across the overpass spanning 8 lanes of traffic bringing people from Mexico into America and witness Mexicans driving into the country by the thousands. They live in Mexico, work or own businesses in San Diego and go back home at night. But 10 miles to the East, citizens of Mexico gather, paying hundreds of dollars to be guided across the open desert to come in illegally. Why?

I have traveled many times into Tijuana to shop. I see the owners of businesses, restaurants and entertainment establishments – and they look different from Sergio Martinez. They look like the folks crossing the borders in cars to work and shop in San Diego, only to return home that evening. Sergio Martinez looks like those desert crossers coming in illegally. Why the differences?

The next time you channel surf pass a Mexican TV channel, pause for a moment. Look at the actors, singers, news hosts, commercials and the weather broadcasters. They are tall, blonde, redheads or brunettes. They are descendants of the European settlers to Mexico. They are Spaniards. These blue-eyed, white European settlers of Mexico control Mexico. They make up only 10-13 percent of the population but run the government, education, entertainment, tourism and commerce of Mexico.

This is why you will never see a 6-foot-4-inch inch tall ex-President Fox lookalike trying to climb over the wall. When was the last time you witnessed the dancer Charo picking tomatoes or President Enrique Peña Nieto cutting grass? Look at the elected officials, presidential cabinet and major business owners in Mexico. They do NOT look like Sergio Martinez.

Sergio Martinez is a short, high-cheekboned, straight-black-haired indian, a native to Mexico. If Mexico’s illegal immigration was motivated by pure poverty, why wouldn’t we see tall, blond, blue-eyed Mexicans also in those strawberry fields? But we will not see them because poverty is not the problem in Mexico.

The problem in Mexico is racism! Mexico is forcing the indigenous people to walk hundreds of miles across the desert to take advantage of the generosity of the American people. Mexico’s anti-poverty program consists of the Sergio Martinezes leaving Mexico and sending $20 billion back to Mexico. So, not only do their racial policies have no domestic anti-poverty programs, they get billions of strong American dollars transferred to them, further entrenching the racist culture of Mexico.

The people looking like Sergio Martinez find it difficult to own anything, attend schools, and many do not even speak the Spanish language of their abuser. America faced her racial problems in the past. We clashed, and all suffered. But the experienced made us a stronger nation and continues to strengthen us. Until Mexico faces its racial problems, they will never reach their true potential.

If President Donald Trump called on Mexico to end racism, if he addressed the racist Mexican problem before the U.N., if Trump put sanctions on Mexico for its leadership’s racial discrimination against their own people, it would be a life-changing event for America and Mexico. If President Trump exposed the white European settlers, he would become the hero of Mexico.

Instead, we continue to accept the straw-man argument of “poverty” instead of what is right in our faces. When I traveled into Mexico and saw the business owners looking like President Corazon and the little children begging outside the stores looking like Sergio Martinez’s children, I understood.

I challenge all of you: Just watch the channels out of Mexico and see for yourself. They are NOT the same people cutting your grass and cleaning your hotel rooms. And we are NOT a racist country, we did NOT tolerate it in America, why are we tolerating it with Mexico?

Let’s fight the Mexican racism, clean up the nation’s corruption and encourage them to instill economic sanity to their citizens. Then Sergio Martinez can stay home and rape, rob, assault, plant and sell tomatoes, grow and use drugs and destroy his community in the comfort of his own country.