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“Harry Villegas, Right-Hand Man and Bodyguard to Che Guevara, Dies at 81.–Harry Villegas, best-known by his nom de guerre Pombo, was one of the last people to see Guevara alive in Bolivia in 1967…Surrounded by the U.S.-backed Bolivian army, Guevara, already wounded in a firefight, told Mr. Villegas and two other Cuban guerrillas to try to save themselves by slipping through the Bolivian cordon.†(The Washington Post Jan. 6, 2020) ‘WOW!’ probably gushes the typical WaPo reader. ‘Che Guevara sure was brave, selfless and heroic!’ “In his memoir, Mr. Villegas wrote that Guevara could have escaped the army encirclement but was…

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