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“The odds are very good that neither you nor most American shareholders want anything to do with the future for which Schwab and the WEF are calling,” writes Free Enterprise Project (FEP) Director Scott Shepard in his latest commentary for Real Clear Markets.

The column details the ways in which the WEF agenda is “antithetical to the purpose and meaning of corporate governance,” and how “support for the WEF by corporate executives fundamentally violates their fiduciary duties.”

The WEF has long supported a future in which you’ll own nothing, and be happy about it,” Scott continues, but “the basic fact of the publicly traded American corporation is that of ownership and investment of capital. Without the broad ownership of property there can be no publicly traded companies.”

Scott also details the worst of WEF’s agenda, including the transhumanist Fourth Industrial Revolution, eating bugs, discrimination on the basis of “equity,” limits on carbon use and more.

To read the full piece and learn more about corporate support of the WEF, click here.

Author: Ethan Peck