If you were a lonely soldier on a Pacific island during World War ll and you only got your news about the war from Tokyo Rose, you would be depressed, disheartened, confused, angry and scared. You would feel like your values had been abandoned and your fight had no value. The G.I. listened to Tokyo Rose because she played American music and had news from home, but they knew she was against them. The Tokyo Rose phenomena is still alive and has taken over the American press. From the New York Times bureau of Tokyo Rose to the L.A. Times bureau of a Tokyo Rose, the mainstream press constantly blankets the public with inaccurate, slanted hit pieces portrayed as news. They have become no more that the propaganda wing of the left.

When you read a story that is rich in describing motives, you can be suspicious of its honesty. When the story has the description of someone’s unmeasurable state of mind, like racist, mean-spirited, attacker, viciousness, homophobic or the new one, anti-Muslim, you can be sure it is a biased story. How can you measure “racism”? Who determines if you are “mean-spirited”? What are the journalistic standards used to label someone “hateful”? There are no such standards; these are just trigger words designed to guide your opinion or shame you because of your opinion. What it is not is journalism.

Do you find yourself turning off the TV news, completely avoiding the news section of your paper or change the station on the radio when the news comes on? We are all suffering from the obvious attempt of the press to persuade instead of inform, attack instead of research and to ignore the truth as often as possible.

We don’t want “fair and balanced”; we want the truth. Would you prepare a great meal and add garbage to achieve balance? We have grown skeptical of our press because the press is a dishonest organization. We have made up our minds. We don’t need to be told why our culture is wrong. We do not need to hear from “the other side.” We just want the truth.

It is a shame, but most of us turn to international news for a clear picture of our domestic news. We are being manipulated, misguided, lied to – and it is dangerous. We have allowed journalism to decay into political activism. We have activist, angry, self-righteous editorial writers with a narrow-minded point of view. A journalism degree does not embed graduates with the cognitive skills to determine if a reported-on subject is intolerant, closed-minded, bigoted or foolish.

We believe there are threats to America. Those who are threatening us and our national security are enemies. We do not need to be told how we should feel about our enemies. We do not want them immigrating, integrating, on welfare, in our schools or in our judicial system. We want them to have no access to our nation. We do not want some inexperience journeyman telling us how we should feel on issues. No one cares if we are called intolerant or hateful. We want the terrorist to be terrorized.

Recently, we have been told that foreigners have a right to America, health care is a government right, tax cuts must be paid for and to eliminate Obamacare we must replace it with something. We are tired of arguing with ghosts; we are tired of having unreliable information; and we are tired of being manipulated. Our air is not getting dirtier; our weather is not influenced by man; and being a prosperous nation is not dangerous for the planet.

The press has lied to us openly and unapologetically, including: Trump had no pathway to 270 (he got 306 electoral votes); the Benghazi attack was due to an online video (it was an organized, planned attack, and our military was held back); Michael Brown had his hands up and was shouting “Don’t shoot” (the grand jury concluded he did neither); the Iran negotiations were hard-fought with moderate Iranians (it was negotiated with the hardline government and was a surrender of our sanctions and Tehran’s pathway to developing a nuclear weapon); and there was Obama’s assurance that if you liked your doctor you could keep your doctor, and if you liked your health-care plan you could keep it (millions have lost both). We have grown leery of global warming scares, Black Lives Matter, Hollywood snowflakes and the other delusional claims promoted by the mainstream media.

If we had an honest press, we would not know the political, social, economic or spiritual beliefs of the journalists. Because we know those positions, we also know that we do not have an unbiased press.

Like the original Tokyo Rose, we know you are lying. We believe nothing you say, and you will suffer from our victory. Like the G.I. hunkered down on that Pacific island, we don’t need your view of the war because we can still hear the sounds of the battle.