Most Black Americans have conservative values and identify more with the conservative message. However, the issues that are common among conservatives and African Americans rarely permeate the curtain of liberalism that shroud African American communities. Ripping that curtain down will expose the truth…and the truth will set us free.”

Mason has taught and written extensively on the Top 12 “Kitchen Table” Topics for over 2 decades. These Topics include: Eduction, Social Security Reform, Tax Reform, Abortion, Separation of Church & State, Poverty, Racism, Assimilation or Disassociation, Voting, Faith, Marriage & Family, and Penalizing Success.

Black folks in America have long sought freedom from dependency, misery, slavery and murder. Our ancestors dreamed of the day we could lift our heads up instead of casting them down, attend schools instead of slave training camps, marry instead of breeding and thinking of our next generation instead of the next crop. Now that we have our freedom, we demand a return to dependency and misery?

We stop worshipping those gods who could not keep us free and walked out of Slavery singing “Negro Spirituals” to the true living God of liberation. Only to fall back to worshipping useless gods of the old, combined with new entertaining ones tickling our ears. Where are those seeking freedom from the plantation instead of seeking comfort on the plantation?

The Civil Rights movement was not about getting a sandwich at a Greensboro lunch counter. It was about owning our own lunch counter. Instead, we turned away from Teaching ourselves and turned back to Master to educate our children.” Mason Weaver

Let’s Stop it! Black Americans are mostly conservative. Wake up and turn off the mainstream media, who hides this truth, with distractions and misinformation.

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