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Urgent call to action for DC: volunteers needed to provide security escorts & to protect monuments, such as the WWII monument (which was defaced by anti-American idiots).


We have a duty to step up and defend our nation, our communities, our historic monuments, and our fellow Americans from this violent Marxist insurrection, intent on overthrowing our Constitution and laws.

Those of us with the training and experience to be defenders have an even greater obligation to step up. Get it done right where you live, in your home town and state. But if you can also go to D.C., we need you there.
Oath Keepers are stepping up to defend police families, people under threat, businesses, homes, and monuments nationwide. Please support our efforts and more importantly please step up to help.

You are needed to help provide security escorts for patriotic Americans who simply want to peaceably assemble in DC or visit our national monuments without being attacked by violent leftists. Please step up and volunteer.

Author: Frances Rice