It was past time to “go nuclear” and have a real party. With Democrats filibustering President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, the stage was set for the U.S. Senate to change the rules and allow only a simple majority to approve justices and other nominees, which is just what Republicans did.

When I wrote my first book, “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation,” I was trying to explain how liberals act and why we must try to contain and control them. How can dry and wet find common ground? America needs to make a choice because liberals have made a choice.

Why has it taken so long to do this? Because the Republican Party still believes they can work with, find common ground with and reach out to Democrats. Democrats, who have delayed President Trumps’ Cabinet appointees, launched a phony “Russian” probe and constantly call names, attacking and organizing against the Trump administration.

What hope would you have in finding common ground with someone throwing bricks at your head? Where can we find any evidence of a cooperative DNC, moderate Democrats in Congress or the “fake news,” trying to work things out with us?

They have spent ALL of their efforts planning, organizing and raising money to disrupt and delegitimize the current government. We see calls for impeachment, cursing out the president by the DNC chairman, and support for sanctuary cities and other illegal actions at the grass-roots level. What we have not seen is cooperation, debates, reaching out or any attempt to find common ground.

Democrats have sent in their warriors while we are still sending in our diplomats. It was past time Thursday to launch the nuclear option and get to governing our nation. We have to repair nine years of neglect, wasteful spending, debilitating taxes, regulations and the funding of our enemies. We have to rebuild our military, correct the failed education system and put Americans back to work.

What we do not have time for is the silly delay games from our sworn enemies. The nation granted the Republicans full authority to govern, not to debate. The Republicans ran on achieving certain goals, and none of those goals included making friends with the Democrats. Not one Republican ran on compromising, and we do not want to hear about it now. Whose campaign slogan was “If you vote for me I will find common grounds with Democrats”?

Let’s face it: Republicans seems afraid to lead, scared to govern and only have interest in avoiding media criticism.

The nation was handed over to the Republicans to get things done: Build The Wall, contain China, encourage businesses to stay and expand and prosper in America. We granted this privilege to the Republican Party in spite of the noise from the donor class, Democrats, Republican establishment, lobbyists, mainstream media and all of an assortment of angry “victims” represented by the socialist in America.

Call back the diplomats and send in the warriors. We didn’t send in the diplomats to discuss the Jewish issues with Hitler in 193; we sent the 92nd Airborne to discuss it. You don’t go to drug dealers to solicit their help in your anti-drug program or consult with pimps to solve the prostitution problem, do you? Then why try to work with purveyors of misery to alleviate the pain of those suffering? Democrats are poverty pimps and only manage misery. Everything they control, every group they manage and every social cause they engage in produces more drugs, gangs, crimes, drug use, and it also produces more Democratic voters. They are the party of poverty and depression. It is all they are offering, so where is the compromise on their end?

The pain of America is directly attributed to the failed policies of the Democrats. They not only have not recognized those failures, they are insisting on more of the same. The nation wants to go higher while the Democrats only want to go lower. How can Republicans spend so much time with folks who spend all of their time fighting against America?

America is waiting for the Republicans to lead and stop acting like the Washington Generals playing the Harlem Globetrotters. This is not a game. This is not entertainment. We are fighting for the soul of our nation. Neuter those obstructionists and return America back to her principles.

We want to be great again, we want The Wall built as a symbol of America, we want the government out of our health care, and we want to retire and leave an inheritance to our grandchildren, not to the tax collector. We want the government to serve us. We want America to work again, and we want our enemies to fear us.

We want our freedoms back, and we are no longer asking.