All of the attacks on President Trump are attacks on the American people. We heard both campaigns for the presidency; we rejected one and accepted the other. Americans voted for Trump because we could not imagine Hill/Billy as president. We did not want her getting anywhere near our schools, and we had nightmares over her foreign policy. I really want to thank the liberals for giving us such a clear choice. Had you kept your deception just one more election cycle, you could have owned America.

My book “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation” discusses leaving the Plantation, not becoming comfortable on the Plantation. We’ve seen Americans begging to be slaves, believing that every problem requires someone else to take care of them.

You liberals actually believed the fake news, you actually believed the fake polls and the fake late-night comedians. It was unbelievable to witness the liberals thinking that we Americans would actually follow singers, entertainers or sport stars into the voting booth. You thought we could be intimidated, scared, attacked and chased away from our beliefs.

We rejected more illegal immigration and accepted a wall. We rejected the attack on oil, jobs and our strong military. We accepted the low gas prices, lower unemployment, resurgence coal industry and the real fight against terror.

What Democrats will be campaigning on in 2018 is, in effect, “Vote for us, we resisted you!” If the liberal agenda were in place, we would not have the papers surrounding the killing of John Kennedy, Osama bin Laden and others released. The IRS would not have apologizes for targeting us.

We sent Trump to Washington to do what he campaigned on, and Democrats are fighting against the will of the people. We have seen the hateful attacks on conservatives; we have seen the “nasty women”; we understand your desire to destroy our president, and we are waiting.

We are waiting to see how deep the FBI has infiltrated the domestic terror groups like Black Lives Matter. We are waiting to see how much of the liberal hate groups financiers are being watched by “our” IRS. We wait patiently to see how much illegal foreign support is being injected into the attacks on Americans. Most importantly, we are waiting to vote again.

You will see another major surprise in the 2018 elections – because we have a secret weapon no one is aware of: Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Chuck Schumer. We see where they want to lead us, we see how comfortable they are lying, we see how negative they are about America, and we can hardly wait until we can vote again.

We see your polls, designed to depress us. We saw the same polls, with the same goals, during the elections. We know they are slanted and we know you are dishonest. The president calls you all FAKE, but he is being polite. You are liars, and you wish to mislead, not inform, us.

We don’t intend to “pay for” our tax cut; we expect you to stop wasting our money. We don’t want to “tax the rich”; we know it is just another hurdle for us on the way to becoming wealthy. The only reason Social Security is going broke is because government controls it. Everything government controls is going broke. Broke is what the government does, it’s all it knows.

We want prosperity, not race management. We want control over our children’s inheritance, not a death tax. We want to sleep comfortably at night – that’s why we celebrated the 59 Tomahawk missiles Trump sent into Syria announcing that a new sheriff was in town.

We wanted Trumps’ Supreme Court picks, foreign policy, regulation reform and his’ vision to Make America Great Again. We recognize liberals think it is racist for America to be seeking greatness. We understand, but will no longer debate it with you. We will just wait to vote.

We do not want our history changed or challenged. That is why you saw black folks like Peggy Hubbard leading the efforts to keep the confederate monuments in St. Louis. We understand that if they are not free, then we are not free. Your attempt to divide us is bringing us closer than ever.

The error and era of liberalism is coming to a close. Your values have no value. Your goals cannot be obtained, and your vision for America is a nightmare. The only way your voices are even heard is in protest. You are only against, never for anything. You are sad and angry and are seeking safe spaces as well as confrontation. You are weak because you have followed weak leaders, and the American people look at you with disgust.

Despite the fake news being on your side, we still know who you are. As you continue to call our president names, we recognize the real racists: hateful liberals trying to tear us apart. With the president’s leadership, we are moving forward – and it is not just a slogan.

He took us out of TPP. Illegal immigration is now down 70 percent. Mortgage applications for new homes rose to a seven-year high. Consumer confidence is highest since 2000 at index 125.6, and the stock market is at the highest ever in its history. And all you guys have in response is “Trump is a racist”?

We know what Trump is doing, and we like it. We also know what you are doing and will end it. You hate capitalism, freedom, independence and exceptionalism. That’s your problem. You set here in America, warming yourselves by the fires of freedom and contemplate how you can destroy or decay it. You cannot sense from history how privileged you really are here. You are not capable of making a success in America because your views are so different. But we will no longer seek common ground, have no intention of being tolerant, and if you need a safe space, you will have to pay the mortgage.