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Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington is among the many conservatives who have found their access to social media restricted due to their beliefs.

During a segment on the Newsmax television program “American Agenda,” Stacy announced:

I was just suspended for the first time in my ten years on Twitter.


Stacy explained that she had tweeted out information about a peer-reviewed scientific study of the effects of hydroxychloroquine in preventing the advance of the coronavirus. During the Trump Administration, the president’s support for the medication was a source of great controversy among his critics in politics and the media. And social media threw its substantial weight against Trump on this and other issues.

And now Big Tech has gone after Stacy.

“So I figured,” she explained,” President Trump’s no longer in office, so maybe, you know – I could tweet this out. I could post it on Facebook. And I was suspended.”

Rather than simply freezing her account, Twitter actually seemed to relish the way it dished out her punishment. Stacy explained:

They deleted the tweet, but made me go through the exercise of deleting it myself in order to basically bow down and acquiesce that what I tweeted wasn’t true.

Which – it’s true. It’s doctors saying it, not me.

Stacy revealed her social media experience as the panel discussed the similar fate of My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, who was banned permanently from Twitter for posting about election fraud issues. Stacy, who has met Lindell, described him as “very nice” and respectful of everyone. She also called him a “true believer” in the causes that are dear to him.

Stacy says there needs to be a pushback by Americans against the politically abusive social media regime:

We cannot be cancelled. We will not be cancelled.

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Author: David Almasi