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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

This is one of the most interesting, and to me, extraordinary political phenomena in American history, and I fully confess I can’t explain it. It’s also a bit worrisome. Everybody knows that Joe Biden is non compos mentis.  He is, at best, senile, more likely in the latter stages of dementia, perhaps has Parkinson’s disease, and is utterly, completely incapable of serving four more years as President. He may not even be able to last four more months. This isn’t debatable. He has the occasional lucid moment, but that is becoming rarer, as his creeping dementia—or whatever he has—more and more overtakes him. All Americans, of every political persuasion, can see that, and even the mainstream media is no longer lying about it and is now admitting what the rest of us have known for years.

There is no way that man can last four more years as President of the United States, the most powerful, mentally stressful position on earth. He’s a danger to the nation and to the world. Anybody with Biden’s mental condition would be. He’s got to go. Even Jill knows it, though she doesn’t love him enough to let him withdraw.

For a few days after the “debate,” many Democrats started calling for Biden to pull out of the race. They are wise enough to perceive they can’t win with him at the top of the ticket, and down ticket Democrats in tight races were especially apprehensive. So, they began, gently, to call for another candidate. Joe must be removed.  The sycophantic media jumped on that bandwagon (witness “Morning Joe”).  

Even the late-night, slobbering pro-Biden “talk show hosts” turned against him, something that was previously unthinkable. They began to joke about him. Stephen Colbert said something to the effect, “Joe Biden and I have one thing in common: neither of us know what’s going on in his mind…Biden’s debate performance was as great as Abraham Lincoln’s—if you dug Lincoln up right now.”  

There was the occasional James Clyburn who affirmed his support of Biden, Gavin Newsom stayed behind him for the obvious reason that he was hoping that his “loyalty” would gain him the nomination when Biden did somehow get removed, and Kamala talked about how great Biden was while just as obviously lusting for the top spot. This was all clear to see: Democrats knew Biden had to go. It was just a matter of crowbarring him out of the White House and doing it in such a way that didn’t seem overly cruel, i.e., “Joe, get out, you cretinous old moron!”  

But Biden has insisted he will not go.  And so now…now—and this is what is fascinating—increasing numbers of Democrats of influence are beginning to assemble behind him. AOC: “The matter is closed…he is not leaving this race.” Ilhan Omar: “Everybody’s supporting the President.” A recent Breitbart headline: “Democrats Rush to Back Joe Biden as President Fights Off Calls to Step Aside.” The story said that Hakeem Jeffries and Senators Bob Casey and Mark Warner are “among the Democrats who have come out in support of the president.” These names aren’t pipsqueaks. These are some heavyweights who are congregating behind Biden, a man they have to know cannot win in November. Or even if he did win, couldn’t possibly serve out four more years.  

What are they doing? First, it was “Joe must go.” Now, it’s “he is not leaving this race.”  

This is, actually, a little worrisome. It’s hard to believe that Democrats are this stupid—not when it comes to winning elections. They have to know Biden can’t win in his current condition, and Democrats aren’t in this race to lose. Losing is utterly intolerable to the megalomaniacal Left, especially being beaten by Donald Trump. The only thing they live for is power. They aren’t throwing away this race. They surely have a plan. It can’t be good, honorable, or fair, but they have to have a plan to win. What is it? How to get Joe elected—if they do indeed stick with him, something I’m not totally convinced yet they will do (Jame Carville still says it’s “inevitable” Biden will drop out).

Whoever is at the top, the Democrats’ strategy will surely be multifaceted, but what will be those facets? Throw Trump in the hoosegow? Mischievous voting practices? Numerous October surprises? They are working on it diligently, of that we can be sure.

But, how to get dementia Joe elected?

The question actually is not, “who will be President?” The Democrats couldn’t care less about that—as long as that person is a Democrat. Biden is a puppet and always has been. He isn’t the one making any decisions.  It’s irrelevant to Democrats who occupies the throne; they wouldn’t mind propping up Biden another four years, or until he dies and turns it over to Kamala. A Biden or Harris is just the current “useful idiot” who does what he/she is told to do anyway.

So, the question is, if they are going to stick with Biden, how do they win with him? Again, they obviously aren’t just throwing away this election; they could never do that.  his isn’t a “well, this year is a wash, we’ll get ‘em next time.” High-level Dems have been powwowing, and they’ve got something up their nefarious sleeves. If they are sticking with Biden, it’s because they have some kind of scheme where he can win. They aren’t surrendering this easily.

They are up to something. These people are electorally shrewd, devious, utterly ruthless and without consciences, they hate losing, and they have a plan to win in November with Biden at the top of the ticket.

There’s something not quite right here. But, for the life of me, I can’t figure out what it is. When I do, I’ll let you know.