Black folks in America have long sought freedom from dependency, misery, slavery and murder. Our ancestors dreamed of the day we could lift our heads up instead of casting them down, attend schools instead of slave training camps, marry instead of breeding and thinking of our next generation instead of the next crop. Now that we have our freedom, we demand a return to dependency and misery.

We stop worshiping those gods who could not keep us free and walked out of slavery singing “Negro Spirituals” to the true living God of liberation – only to fall back to worshipping useless gods of the old, combined with new entertaining ones tickling our ears. Where are those seeking freedom from the plantation instead of seeking comfort on the plantation?

The civil rights movement was not about getting a sandwich at a Greensboro lunch counter. It was about owning our own lunch counter. Instead, we turned away from teaching ourselves and turned back to Master to educate our children.

Our lives seemed to have turned into an entertainment industry instead of a cultural revival. We don’t have a black culture because we still practice the culture of Master. It was Master who bred us to work hard, make babies and die early. It was Master’s best interest for slaves to die early because no one needs a retired slave.

So we ate slave food and accepted our role of baby makers, not fathers or mothers. Marriage is unimportant, babies belong to the state, and our children attend gang-prepped public schools.

At 19, black men dominate every sport we engage in – but at age 69, we have diabetes and high blood pressure because we still digest Masters’ food and culture. Eat like a slave and you will live like a slave.

What happened to the vision, leadership and dream? We were taught broken English because it was all that was needed for picking cotton. We should embrace English now due to the harm of speaking Ghettoize for generations. Instead we allow our handlers to encourage “Street Language” as a source of pride. English is the language of success, prosperity and freedom. Those who discourage you from mastering it do not want you to acquire the benefits of English. Slang is the language of slaves trying to hide from a master. Ebonics is the language of slaves.

Master did not want ambitious slaves; he wanted dedicated slaves. Master expected those slaves to be in the fields even after Master’s death. He expected the slaves to work all of their lives to support Master’s wife. Today, a working black man will contribute all of his life to Social Security and dies on average at 67 years old. The vast majority of his Social Security goes back to the government to be given to the person living the longest: the white female. It does not go to the black man’s wife or his children; it goes to Master’s wife and children. So, once again the black man is taking care of Master’s family, not his own. Congress would love to change it, but our “Leaders” will not allow it. They were called slave drivers on the plantation.

What happened to the modern civil rights movement? I marched, demonstrated, ate tear gas and protested to remove the “civil” (legal) restrictions placed on me as an American. Today we are demanding better treatment from Master. Every problem facing black people will find black leaders demanding white folks do something about it. Are there any problems facing black folks that we can handle ourselves?

We don’t need leaders; we need families. No more programs; we need progress. We are not disadvantaged; we are disengaged. What happened to us? We seem to be suffering from an inferiority complex. We are still afraid of the boogeyman called “Racist.” There is no power in a monument, flag or racist organization. Stop being afraid someone may not like you. We have won the civil rights movement. That was a group struggle. But taking advantage of that victory is a personal journey. Start yours.

We fought for equal rights, not special rights, justice, not privilege, high-income housing, not low-income housing, and we fought for maximum wage, not minimum wage.

Why is it that black folks are the only ones thinking freedom and prosperity comes from political means? I don’t see any other ethnic group counting Supreme Court justices or Congress members? Success is not cultural; it is personal. They know politics only protects the culture. It does not build a culture. We need to build a culture first.

I was nearly murdered by a racist and was left permanently disabled and in constant pain. So what did a do? I got married, gained knowledge, went into business and worked to leave my grandchildren an inheritance … like any man would. He could never pay me what he owes, and I could never get from him more that I can earn.

How can any black person can support the party of slavery? They beat us, lynched us, raped and murdered us – and now we vote for them? They gave us the KKK, White Citizens Council, segregation, police dogs and jail – and we now support them? They own every ghetto in America – and we still support them? What happened to black folks? How can any black person vote for Democrats?

And those of us screaming the truth are called names and shunned. “Sell-out”? A “sell-out” sold out the slaves’ plans of escape to Master. If you think I am a sell-out, you must think you’re a slave.

You support the Master and wonder why you are treated like slaves. The gates to the plantation are wide opened; you can leave. This is the essence of why I wrote “Its OK to Leave the Plantation.” Freedom is yours only if you will accept it.

Come on, black folks. Stop blaming and start claiming!

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