It’s 2:30 am and I am checking my security cameras around the home. I have a very long driveway and I live isolated in the country. My garage/driveway camera showed this light blinking at the right of my driveway. You can see the trash can and you can make out an object. I checked the other cameras which showed the drive way but NO light blinking. Could it be an infrared camera (I can detect them), could it be a hidden camera focused on my home, or could it be a sensor-reader trying to read my garage door code? I went outside (fully armed and prepared for whatever it was) and could not find anything. Even with my cell phone watching the camera, I went to the spot and could not find anything. It took me hours to figure it out. The answer was simple and in plain view. It happens over many nights and was no sigh in the daylight. Can you figure it out? I will let you all think about it and I will give the answer tomorrow or later. Our minds will play tricks on you, especially at 2:30 am.

by Clarence A Mason aka Mason Weaver,

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