The Republican National Committee is showing its true colors once again. Pulling funding for Chief Justice Roy Moore is not about showing the committee’s righteousness; it is showing its complicity with Democrats. It is clear that the RNC and many Republicans really want to see Democrats back in power. They try to weaken the Republican brand at every opportunity.

Inaction on health care, tax reform, getting President Trumps’ nominees through Congress and the border wall shows that the Republican leadership actually prefers Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in charge. It seems like the Republican leadership believes in liberal privilege.

Would you rather have Roy Moore supporting Trump as he renegotiates our trade deals? What difference would it make for Moore to be in the Senate when North Korea goes beyond negotiations? Let’s stop playing. This election may affect your great-grandchildren.

The Republican leadership would rather have Doug Jones than Roy Moore to vote on our next Supreme Court justice. They would rather Doug Jones vote on tax reform, the wall, trade and the illegal invasion of America. The cry from weak Republicans can truly turn the easy victory of Moore into a Democratic victory and momentum change.

We can see the fake headlines now about Democrats taking back Congress, calls for the impeachment of Trump, chaos, stress and anger on both sides. The Republican leadership is acting like the Washington Generals playing the Harlem Globetrotters. They intend to lose, expect to lose and think losing is normal.

We are not supporting President Trumps’ agenda. President Trump is supporting our agenda. He did not just get elected; he was sent by the American People. We saw and rejected the criminal enterprise offered by the Democrats. We still reject them and those Republicans trying to protect them. Let’s not be fooled: The Republican leadership does not want President Trumps’ agenda enacted. They want something else. Maybe it’s the Democrats’ agenda.

Did the sexual affair with Marilyn Monroe stop Jack Kennedy from being considered a great president? The liberals are still honoring Bill Clinton after his massive, disgraceful and embarrassing encounter with a young intern. That encounter caused Clinton to be impeached.

The Hollywood elites heaped praises and awards on Harvey Weinstein while he was taking advantage of the women around him. It did not stop him from making movies and influencing people an winning the top honors in Hollywood.

Jack Ryan could have bested Barack Obama for the Illinois U.S. Senate seat had news of him and the swinger parties not come to light. He was also pressured by the RNC to pull out of the race. Obama won, gave that speech at the Democratic convention in 2004 and became president. The nation suffered through eight years because of it.

I have had enough. They have tried it on Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, President Trump and many more. It will not stop until we stop responding to it. I will start worrying about Republican candidates when the liberals scorn Elizabeth Warren for lying about her Indian heritage.

In today’s climate we seem to be eager to kill our wounded for any imperfection, real or imagined. Remember who we are fighting. If the RNC had its way, Hillary would have won. If the media had their way, Hillary would have won. If the big donors had their way, Hillary would have won. No one wanted Donald Trump to win except the people. And when the people wanted to win, Donald Trump won. We are in charge, and we win when we show up.

King David the murderer could not be king today. Moses and Saint Paul would have no place in our government. The people called Jesus a drunkard. There is no pleasing or appeasing them; there is no comforting them; they will never be satisfied. Rahab, the Madam in Jericho, could not be a heroine today. If all the left needed to do is to find imperfection in imperfect men, then they will rule over us.

Think about the eight years under Obama. Consider the misery we all suffered. Consider the cost going forward with his regulations, lifetime judges and the massive debt. Donald Trump is flawed, I am flawed, and you are flawed. But the people must be governed by humans, thus all candidates are flawed.

Let’s get the wall built, renegotiate international trade, build up our military, free America from Obamacare slavery and Make America Great Again, strong again and for the people again.

There is a lot of money, power and influence in poverty and slavery. Many people want to totally control you, but they can only influence you because they have no real power over you. Let’s not allow them to hypnotize or con us. Ignore the noise and support the candidate that will benefit your great-grandchildren.