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Discussing the spate of anti-Semitic violence in New York City and elsewhere that has coincided with Hamas attacks on Israel in the Middle East, Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington condemned a lack of government willpower to get tough against these criminal acts, both in liberal-run cities as well as at the White House.

On the Newsmax program “Spicer & Co.,” Stacy told co-host Lyndsay Keith:

The anti-Semitism that’s going on in New York should be put down immediately.

But nothing is being done because New York has lost its will to prosecute offenders and to hold people in jail instead of just letting them walk out with no bail. So this is a serious problem.

“Americans can handle it,” Stacy reassured Keith – but with a caveat. “We need a change in leadership.”

Addressing a lack of leadership at the White House level, Stacy blamed the media for not holding the Biden Administration to account.

Host Sean Spicer, who experienced the former veracity of the White House press corps firsthand as the original press secretary during the Trump Administration, noted that President Trump’s responses were “never good enough” at the time, “yet the Biden Administration has seen this rise in anti-Semitism” among its partisan allies “and yet there’s no pressing the White House on what they’re doing.”

Stacy asserted that the media is covering for current press secretary Jen Psaki, whom she said is “rarely prepared.” She called the press corps Psaki’s “minions” and added:

[T]hey would never stand for Jen Psaki to be called names, or screamed at as she left the room or for them to pound her with questions over and over against even though she’d already answered…

She’s often in the room unprepared to answer questions, which is what has coined this huge phrase… “we’ll circle back to that.”

Noting that this Psaki tactic for obfuscation has become a national catchphrase, Stacy said even her own family members are now using the infamous dodge:

Everyone talks about circling back. Because if you don’t know what you’re doing, or you don’t have an answer right away – you can circle back…

She’s unprepared. She doesn’t have to be prepared because there are no standards for the Biden Administration.

Stacy noted that the media’s hostility toward President Trump on the issue of anti-Semitism, shown in video clips during her segment, was completely unwarranted given his background:

There was no way for him to affirmatively, to deny the charge of anti-Semitism, even though… he has Jewish people in his family. He did business with Jewish people. He really has deep ties to the Jewish community in New York and across the country for projects he has done. And he’s never discriminated on any of his television programs, or projects or golfing things… He’s never been charged with that until he became a Republican.

So, it’s really more about his politics than any actions that he has taken.

“We’re dealing with this as Americans because we allowed it to happen,” Stacy bluntly noted. “So the onus is on us.”





Author: David Almasi