It is fascinating to watch the Trump Phenomenon! The old guard, New World Order folks and those who have become successful the way things are expect things to remain the way they are. They expect to be in charge of what you love, hate, distrust and depend upon. They have been able to control your passion, interest and actions. We have all become influenced by what they call mean, intolerant, right and wrong. But no more will we follow losing belief systems.

Black Americans were never bothered by a Confederate flag, until we were told to be. No one, I mean NO ONE cared about a statue of a general in a park, until we were told to do so. How many of you needed a safe space before safe spaces were invented? We are playing follow the leader with folks who admit they cannot lead.

It has all changed and changed rapidly. They have not even caught on yet, but it is over. They will look back at pre-2016 as the “good old days” back when they were relevant. After decades of training our children in indoctrination centers (public schools), entertainment, social activism and political beliefs, how did it all go wrong so fast?

The media declared Hillary a historical figure, but her own party looked at her as hysterical. They brushed Trump away as the last candidate of the dying Republican Party, but he grew more and more powerful as they attacked him.

None of the old tricks worked; none of the old heroes they dragged out affected anyone. The old guard was stunned and are still stunned. The movie stars had no effect; the wise editorial writers were ignored; the trusted news commentaries were useless. The media expected to control the conversations with just a headline, but Trump completely controlled them with just a tweet. And the media followed him, begging him to stop. Something had changed, and they could not comprehend it or contain it.

They still do not understand and never will understand. They will not give up and will always fight us. But now they are showing their true colors. We can see clearly who they are, on both sides of the issues. They are everywhere, they are deceptive, and they wish to mislead us. But they can no longer hide themselves. We see them, and we now know who they are.

Let them quit Trump’s advisory commissions. Let them speak out against him. Allow them to keep on attacking him. Even the most uniformed patriot can now see the scope of the work laid out before us.

Their “rent a mob” agitators are funny and fake. Their looting will not persuade us. We will handle their traveling bands of uninformed, masked clowns, and the lewd left will submit to us. I know they are dangerous and highly motivated, but I also know who we are. We are Americans and will soon grow tired of their antics.

We are now running primary opponents against the RINOs and have seen the Republican leadership spending money and endorsing RINOs in the primaries. This is against their own rules and spirit not to endorse during primary elections. But that seems to only count when they can choose the winners.

The media are full of liars who have an agenda … ALL OF THE MEDIA. I think that is why Steve Bannon left the White House, to head up the patriots’ resistance to the mainstream press. Bannon is retuning to Brietbart to head up the real resistance. Brietbart will soon become one of the few primary sources for truth and information. Trump is now openly challenging the GOP leadership and campaigning against them in the primaries and within their districts.

Trump is going to pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio and fire a shot across the bow of the America-hating opponents looking to punish us patriots. We have a president bent on not just shaking the tree of fools, but cutting it down.

Trump is going to shut the border with a wall, make arrests, deport, renegotiate NAFTA, bring business back, and back it up by building the baddest military the world has ever seen. Trump has placed the world on notice (with Syria and North Korea) that our military is no longer for show. We are no longer building your roads, schools and paying bribes. Terrorists are finally being terrorized.

The lewd, looney left can try all the tricks in their handbook but to no avail. We will win this battle because we are awake. We will not be shamed into submission. No name-calling will work, nor debates over racism or hatred. We know who you are, and we know who we are.

The media are in shock that they can no longer dictate our response to their lead. They may never recover from being uncovered. The Americans are back, and the whole world is better off because of it.

We Americans now see the fallacy of multiculturalism (separate but equal), and we recognize that the only racial division happens on the 6 o’clock news.

What Trump did in Phoenix, Aug. 22, 2017, was close the noose around the illegitimate liberal doctrine in America. The Trump Phenomenon has completed encircled the freedom-hating powers in America. Now “We The People” will see a government fighting for us and not fighting for control over us.