The “Resistance” now has its special counsel. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has appointed former FBI director Robert Mueller III to determine if Russia had any influence on the United States elections. The Democrats could end up regretting this.

So let’s relax, folks. We know all we will get from media this summer is: who’s testifying, what does it mean, is Trump getting nervous, and why the Democrats will take back control of Congress. It does not matter if Trump negotiates Middle East peace, dismantles Iran’s nuclear research, converts North Korea to a democracy and finds the the Ark of the Covenant. You will only hear speculation about this spectacle. Get your news from WND; read my book “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation”; gather with like minded people; and prepare for the Struggle against the Resistance.

A special counsel has unlimited resources to investigate just about anything it chooses. What if Mr. Mueller chooses to look into Hillary Clinton’s email server and how the Russians may have hacked it to gain insight and information? What if he decides to seek information and testimony on Hillary’s uranium deal with Russia? Was the Clinton’s Global Initiative a money-laundering scam to funnel Russian money into American politics?

These are real possibilities, but there is also danger. The Democrats are looking for any new trail to run down, any new charge to get and keep Trump back in his heels. They are looking to tie us up emotionally as we get frustrated with the lies. Frustration weakens us.

We know that truth is not important to liberals; their goals are political. They will keep up the noise because they understand their followers will believe them, and we will spend time spinning around trying to show them wrong. They know the press does not care if something is true, only if it sells. No one cares if you turn off the TV or refuse to watch the news. Their ratings and ad rate cards are based upon how many eyes are on them out of all the eyes watching. It doesn’t matter if there are 2 million viewers or 10 million; rates are based on what share of those viewing are watching their show. They are more interested in market shares. If the networks only have five viewers, the one with three will claim to be the No. 1 network.

The danger with this investigation is in the questioning of individuals. Any mistake or misspoken word could be taken as a false statement, and charges could be brought. If you mistakenly say something happened in April and it really happened in May, it does not matter if it was a mistake. It could still be deemed false statement, and you could still face charges. So all those testifying will have their own lawyers, and some may claim Fifth Amendment protection. Then the Democrats will demand to know what they have to hide and insist on another special council to look into it.

Confusion, stress, lies and accusations are the hallmark of the Lewd Left and their hatred for the truth. We get stressed because we don’t see the swamp draining. We see the budget compromise approving more funding for things we thought would be cut. We are tired of hearing why we cannot end Obamacare and that we must “pay for” a tax cut. We are tired of playing with North Korea, and we want the Wall built.

But let’s keep our powder dry. The swamp includes some Republicans. The headlines reads “Conservatives are breaking from Trump” but when you read the article, you find these are actually “Never Trump” people.

They want you to think no one supports your point of view. They want you to believe you are alone. I believe we are the majority, strong and know what victory looks like. The media are obsessed with former athletes trying to change their gender and men wearing “onesies” called “rompers.” The rest of us applaud the trade deals with China on beef sales, announcing to Saudi Arabia we could stop buying their oil and the dramatic reductions of illegal Democrats crossing our borders.

We are winning. America is becoming great again, and we want more of it. The special counsel can carry the headlines all summer, but if our 401k increases, young folks find well-paying jobs, we get release from the slavery of Obamacare and taxes gets under control, it will have no effect on media coverage.

We don’t want the swamp, we don’t need to be managed, and we are tired of being manipulated. We don’t like our news on the opinion page. We don’t want “fair and balanced” – we want truth. We don’t want good headlines – we want the truth. We don’t want speculation – we want investigated stories with insight based upon finding the truth.

Government is too important to leave in the hands of politicians. If we are a self-governing people, we had better start self-governing.