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Washington’s “revolving door” now has the equivalent of a velvet rope and a bouncer in front of it.

Davis Soderberg

Davis Soderberg

This refers to the analogy that people in the nation’s capital engage in “the migration of workers from the private sector to public sector and back.” While this is normally very obvious and prolific after a change in presidential administrations, National Center Research Associate Davis Soderberg says the “natural check” that has been “keeping corporations and their boardrooms relatively balanced politically… is being eroded” due to the hyper-partisanship and vindictiveness of contemporary liberals.

Visceral anger leveled against the Trump Administration, and the wokeism that has gripped companies that normally participate in revolving door employment practices, are being used to advance liberals’ goal of turning D.C. into a one-party town.

In a commentary published by the Daily Caller, Davis explains:

Wokeism’s wish to eradicate conservative viewpoints from public life has broken that stabilizing mechanism. The left has demanded, and too many companies have conceded, the exclusion of public servants on the right from taking the positions vacated by those now joining the Biden administration.

Sadly, the hesitation in hiring Trump staffers isn’t because they lack qualifications or merit, but due to fear of the woke mob’s backlash against any company that, God forbid, hires a former Trump Administration employee. One recruiter told The Hill in January, “I think Fortune 500 companies are going to be extra careful about bringing on board folks from the recent administration.”

Davis notes that Obama officials went into lucrative business roles at companies like Amazon and Netflix. But Trump alumni – including Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – are instead landing at think tanks and nonprofits.

This not only may leave those former federal employees with less in their paychecks, but – and more importantly – it also allows the left to perpetuate the takeover of the corporate sector in order to impose its radical plans.

“Far too many entities in the corporate sector have moved leftward in recent years,” Davis remarks, “and blocking a newly dismissed conservative presidential administration from entering the big business sector will accelerate that trend.”

To read this commentary – “The Revolving Door is Only Spinning Left Now” – in its entirety, click here to visit the Daily Caller website.

Author: David Almasi