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Crime rates across America are rising, with increasing instances of violent crime being particularly disturbing. There is often a consistency in explaining why things are out of control – public officials who betray the public trust regarding sound law enforcement policy.

And another common thread in many municipalities plagued by crime is district attorneys or their equivalents who were elected with a lot of financial help from left-wing billionaire donor George Soros.

On “The Ingraham Angle” on the Fox News Channel, host Laura Ingraham spoke with Project 21 Co-chairman Horace Cooper about this crisis and how the left and the media are trying to deflect criticism by portraying those who question the breakdown of the criminal justice system as haters.

Highlighting violent crimes perpetrated by repeat offenders who cut deals with Soros-backed prosecutors, Ingraham wondered: “Is it not worth asking what would save more lives today – gun control or recalling every [district attorney] that George Soros funded?”

Ingraham cited the example of two El Monte, California police officers who were shot and killed by “a gang-banger totally set free” by prosecutor George Gascon Horace sketched out a worrisome situation:

The very people who put their lives on the line to protect us are losing theirs. And, meanwhile, the rest of us are losing our lives, too. This is a lose-lose with these woke prosecutors.

Lamenting the “epidemic of crime” that cities are experiencing under the reign of Soros prosecutors, Horace pointed out their “misplaced priorities”:

Let’s take a look at Chicago. It has been a problem for a very, very long time. But guess what? When Jussie Smollett makes false claims about being attacked, probably a tenth of the police department is assigned to track down those amazing ghost MAGA guys that allegedly attacked him.

Why can’t that kind of attention be given to real citizens that are minding their own business, that should be free to come and go?

We have misplaced priorities by too many in the leadership in those law enforcement areas. I’m not talking about the rank and file. I’m talking about the mayor. I’m talking about the police chiefs. And I’m also talking about those woke DAs.

Yet there are those who are trying to talk past the obvious – pushing a false narrative that slanders those who want to reform the radical criminal justice infrastructure in so many American cities. MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, for example said that criticism of George Soros is “so anti-Semitic.” Horace begged to differ:

It’s absolutely ludicrous to say that this guy who has a crazy idea – Soros – that America wastes all of its resources on punishing people who happen to be of a certain race. It’s a fact that men overwhelmingly commit these types of crimes. Is it fair to conclude, as a consequence, that the system is against men?

“I will just tell you this,” Horace wisely advised. “Don’t rob people. Don’t rape people. Don’t break into peoples’ houses. And guess what? Law enforcement in America won’t be after you.”

Author: David Almasi