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Equity is going to lead to a lot of inequality.  But that’s not news to the white billionaire CEOs who are practicing the “New Racism.”

These elites need to be well-versed in the woke rules, because they need to be able to find people to take the hit for them as they shore up their own riches.

“If the white billionaire CEOs who have signed on to the woke agenda have their ways while keeping their positions and their fortunes, they will of logical necessity consign millions of poor whites to punishing poverty and an abjectly powerless future,” writes Free Enterprise Project Director Scott Shepard in a Townhall commentary. “They are either fully aware of this, or too incompetent to run a concession stand.”

“There are no other options,” he somberly concludes.

Scott notes that this New Racism demands that – in the name of equity – strict terms be observed for how much wealth and power each racial, gender and other intersectional group can have. He points out that “personhood [is] subsumed within the collective identity.”

This creates a problem:

[U]nder the racial equity doctrine that these CEOs have endorsed, each race may have only as much money and power as its proportion of the population. And right now these white billionaires have far, far more than their “equal” share of the white proportion.

And since there’s no indication that the white corporate elites are voluntarily scaling back their own ambitions, there’s a clear and present danger to those below them on the socioeconomic ladder:

But now, by the very theories that they have espoused, their continued wealth and power must take wealth and power from all other whites, and all other men, because we can all collectively only have our racial (and sexual) proportion of the total. For every white male billionaire with great power, there must – by their lights – be millions of poverty-stricken and utterly powerless white men to make up the numbers. And to the extent that there are more white male billionaires of great power who hold onto their wealth and power than BIPOC or women billionaires of equal power, then millions of poor whites and particularly poor white men will necessarily have to be significantly poorer and more powerless than even the poorest and most powerless people of any other races – again, just to make up the numbers.

“There is no avoiding this, no way to finesse it,” Scott warns. “That’s the only way ‘equity’ can be achieved.”

Visit the Townhall website to read all of Scott’s commentary – “Wealthy White Billionaires to the Working Classes: You Have to Give Up Your Wealth.”

Author: David Almasi