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During the pandemic, online meetings have provided countless funny examples of people exposing their true selves when they didn’t realize they were on a live feed. Sometimes, the result can be more graphic than at other times – but that’s another story.

The most relevant and poignant among these instances are when people have exposed their naked political agendas while forgetting they were on a “hot mic.” Nowhere is this more important – and shocking – as when it happens among taxpayer-funded educators.

Derryck Green

Project 21 member Derryck Green calls this new window of public oversight “good news.”

Remote learning has exposed radicalism in the classrooms. For example, a teacher in Tacoma, Washington was caught admonishing a 10-year-old who picked President Donald Trump as someone he admired. A Philadelphia teacher complained about the “damage” that parents could do in preventing teachers from “destabilizing a kid’s racism or homophobia or transphobia.” The teacher called such work “messy.”

And now the American Family Association’s reports that administrators are just as bad as teachers.

During a meeting of the La Mesa-Spring Valley school board to discuss and vote on reopening the district’s schools, Charda Bell-Fontenot – the board’s vice president – suggested that reopening the schools was racist, and the superintendent was racist for supporting an opening.

When the board president sought to make this conversation private, Bell-Fontenot replied that “[r]acism doesn’t need to be private.” Doubling-down, she claimed reopening schools was akin to “white supremacist ideology,” forcing minorities to “comply and conform” while putting their health in peril.

Bell-Fontenot now faces a recall.

In his OneNewsNow interview, Derryck said that parents “don’t understand the depth to which using terms like ‘white supremacist ideology,’ and constant references to slavery and structural racism, the extent to which that is used in the classroom.”

“It’s good that they’re hearing this,” he added.

Author: David Almasi