Mason Weaver

Mason Weaver

As we set the hard launch of Leave The Plantation Organization, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the supporters, volunteers, and managers who worked so hard for so many hours to get us here. The love and dedication demonstrated by all of you, gave me inspiration and courage to stand up against the spiritual powers attacking our nation.

Boldness is required and the foundation of Leave The Plantation Organization and I feel blessed working with some of the most bold people, that I have ever met. All of us cannot be on the frontlines, all of us cannot face the wind. But all of us can support the efforts to bring America back to God, righteousness and honor.

If not us, then who?

Now let’s go get our nation back.

Clarence A. Mason (aka) Mason Weaver

Leave The Plantation Organization

Mason Weaver Motivational Speaker-Author-Political Analyst