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Will you help us save more people from the modern day planation system?

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Frequently Asked

What are donations used for?

Website services software tools, marketing and advertising.

We are 100% self-funded, so we appreciate your donations.

With your help we can do more for this country by way of speaking out.  As we try to make money on Facebook we are constantly targeted and told our political message violates their terms of agreement. We have sought other tools for spreading our message, but these services are not free. Until we are able to raise more money we have limited access to marketing dollars and more sophisticated services.   

Thank you for your donations and support.

What volunteer positions are available?
• SEO experts
• Journalist interns
• Technical Writers
• New Member Engagement
• Editors
• Sales & Marketing
• Graphics
• Audio/Video
• Research
• Assistant
• Legal
• Event Coordinator
• Television
• Website (specifically word press)
• If you have special skills not listed here, let us know what they are and we can possibly get you plugged in.
Booking Information?

Send us an email for more information for booking Mason to speak at your events or on your podcasts.

Want to get more involved with LTP?

There are lots areas you can get involved, please contact us. Let us know what times you have available and what areas you are most talented. We need more help all the time. Thank you for your consideration and patience in getting back to you.

Do we accept affiliate partners?
Yes, and if you are interested in becoming an affiliate partner, please contact us.
Having problems submitting a donation?

If you have an active VPN, please sign off of it, temporarily then submit your donation.
All other issues please contact us asap and we will fix the issue.

Thank you for your support and donations.