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Certificate of Forgiveness

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Clarence Mason Weaver is the original author and creator of this document.  Its intended use is to lightheartedly gesture to white people that they are forgiven and no longer have to live with white guilt.

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Cuban Bans Anthem in Latest Appeal to Woke Mob

LTP News Sharing: Playing the national anthem at professional sports events wasn’t very controversial until Colin Kaepernick took a knee in 2016. While this form of protest has largely died out among football players, it has had a resurgence on the courts of the...

Vote the Corporate Bums Out

Vote the Corporate Bums Out

LTP News Sharing: After being disappeared, the social media platform Parler found its way back to the Internet two weeks ago. It was an arduous journey that shows how widespread the left’s desire is to cancel conservative organizations, people, speech, and ideas....

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