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Certificate of Forgiveness

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Clarence Mason Weaver is the original author and creator of this document.  Its intended use is to lightheartedly gesture to white people that they are forgiven and no longer have to live with white guilt.

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How Trump Can Triple His Support Among Black Voters In 2020

LTP News Sharing: By Donald Trump should aim for winning a much larger share of the black vote in 2020.In 2016, Donald Trump received a slightly higher share of the black vote than did Mitt Romney in 2012 or John McCain in 2008. But he still received just 8...

Islam’s Liberties With Scripture

LTP News Sharing: I explore Surah 69, The Sure Calamity, and examine how Islam distorts key aspects of the End Times, including the great tribulation, and role of Christ in judgment. Go to Source Author:

I’m Just Wild About Harry

LTP News Sharing: On the radio this past week, I mentioned Alan Jay Lerner, author of My Fair Lady, Camelot, Brigadoon, Gigi, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, etc. And about twenty minutes after I came off-air I remembered a conversation I had with him decades...

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