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Labor Plays Hardball With Microsoft

Labor Plays Hardball With Microsoft

LTP News Sharing: How brazen is woke culture? So brazen that companies now openly tout their discriminatory behavior to oblige the left’s social justice goals. But, for now, they are getting their comeuppance for it. When Microsoft boasted that they would “double the...

After Ford employees demanded the company stop making police vehicles, the CEO clapped black with logic, common sense

LTP News Sharing: By Phil Shiver Photo: Ford CEO Jim Hackett - JOHANNES EISELE/AFP via Getty ImagesFord CEO Jim Hackett had the perfect response after a group of virtue-signaling employees called on the major auto manufacturer to stop making police...

Preventing Privilege is a Valuable Virtue for Conservatives

LTP News Sharing: There is such a thing as “white privilege,” says Project 21 member Rich Holt, but he explains that it’s not the racist conspiracy the left likes to use to keep black Americans voting for liberal candidates. That being said, Rich also notes that...

Stop Letting People Manipulate You

This week's state of the union address by President Donald woke many people up to the reality that Democrat leaders are not on their side. The blatant disrespect shown to a family by many lawmakers who refused to stand in honor of the son who was killed by illegal...

(Video) Evangelist Alveda King Niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr: I Have a Dream | Racial Healing Christian Meditation by Evangelist Alveda King Niece of Martin Luther King, Jr. Guest Narrator #MLK #black #alvedaking

After the Panic Comes the Control

Liberals and the other ungodly, believes fears gives them control. They devises problems and the solution always takes more of your rights away. After 911 we got the Patriots Act. What will be the solution after the Corona Hoax?...

Conservatives Confront Corporate Media

LTP News Sharing: When the riots began in Minneapolis, MSNBC’s Ali Velshi became a legend in fake news by reporting – to Brian Williams, no less – that activity on the streets was “not, generally speaking, unruly.” He said it while...

Left-Wing Extremists Take Polite Debate Through the Looking Glass

LTP News Sharing: “Like the crazed Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, progressives prefer a ‘verdict first, trial later’ approach – it’s faster and keeps their ‘cancel culture’ agenda moving along more briskly.” In a commentary for American...


With all the rhetoric surrounding “illegal aliens” or “undocumented workers,” one would think all Mexicans were trying to enter America illegally. But is that the real problem? Let’s take a look at the border with Mexico and closely examine those crossing. The...

Hating Homeschoolers at Harvard

LTP News Sharing: If people are allowed to leave their homes by June, the scolds at Harvard will be hosting a private, by-invitation-only conference examining the prospects for locking homeschoolers out of their in-house classrooms. Organizers are contending that...

Are we blacks helpless pets of white America?

The end of February brings the end of Black History Month. That is the month for our annual celebration of the ritual destruction of the black community by the Democratic Party. Any study of black history has to be a study of this racist party and its continued...

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