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Justices Allow “Human Weeds” to Prosper

Justices Allow “Human Weeds” to Prosper

LTP News Sharing: When it comes to the toll wrought by abortion, Project 21 member Rasheed Walters solemnly observes that “[w]e will never know” what America missed from those who were lost. In a Boston Herald commentary, he puts much of the blame for abortion’s...

He Really Said This: Biden AGAIN Suggests African American Community Is Not Diverse

LTP News Sharing: By Source: AP Photo/Matt SlocumAmid civil unrest and calls for racial justice across the nation, presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden just said something unmistakably racist. During a now-notorious virtual press call with the...

Relationship Lessons: Wednesdays

Relationship Conference Lessons Don’t miss this event! Learn how to have a successful relationship. Men and women are welcome to join. See Video See upcoming events and register for the next event.

(Video) Love & Romantic Gestures: For Husbands

I was married to the worlds most beautiful woman for over 35 years. I so appreciated all of the qualities her mother instilled in her, that I would send my mother in-law a gift on my wife’s birthday. Just to let her know how much I appreciated her qualities. What do...

How Equity Will Resegregate Public Schools

LTP News Sharing: Equity is setting the stage for increased division and racism in the United States. Thanks, Joe Biden! The Biden Administration is considering new equity standards for school discipline that Free Enterprise Project Director Scott Shepard points out...

Diversity is not new to America

LTP News Sharing: BY MICHAEL BARONE | The Washington Examiner “You all share the American belief that there is strength in all our differences,” Vice President Al Gore told the Institute of World Affairs in Milwaukee in January 1994. “We can build a collective civic...

What Do the People Do When the Police Are as Brave as the Cowardly Lion?

It has been a week and a half since the mass shooting Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The news coming out about the incident only continues to worsen. The loss of life is a tragedy no matter who it is, but the worst thing about this shooting...

(Video) The Death of Herb Cain

Liberals require us to be kind and respectful to any of their supporters who dies or injured. But they do not give us the same respect when it is on our side. The Lewd Left is already making jokes and point blame for his death. That is what they do. They are evil....

Liberal Segregationists Through the Centuries

LTP News Sharing: In what he said was “one of the most disturbing and – to put it bluntly – racist attacks we’ve ever seen,” Fox News Channel guest host Will Cain called out the “vile and absurd rhetoric” of MSNBC commentator Michael Eric Dyson. While discussing the...


LTP News Sharing:   Join us for a NEW educational event on April 12th - Unsung Black Heroes In American History. There are abundant African American leaders in all fields of endeavors who by their ingeniousness and fortitude revolutionized every facet of our lives. We...

It will look like defeat

We are to lose the human battle but win the Spiritual Battle!

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