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Demographics? What demographics?

Every issue effects every one of us. There are no black issues, women issues or homosexual issues. All of us want schools that work, taxes manageable and the ability to retire comfortably. Most of us want limited government control over our lives no matter what demographics the experts assign us.

Dems risk nation for illegals, but never for blacks

So Democrats shut down the government to benefit illegal workers – not black workers, not poor American workers, not even legal immigrants … but illegal workers. They are illegal because their parents uprooted them, sneaked them here and forced them to live in the...

BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Steps Down From BLM With Four Mansions, Possibly a 5th, to Pursue a Marxist Life

LTP News Sharing: BY KEVIN DOWNEY JR. | P J Media (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP) “Racism” Pays BLM co-founder, mega-millionaire Marxist, race-baiter, and mansion-collector Patrisse Cullors is stepping down from BLM amidst a financial scandal. It seems Cullors...

Poll: 40% of Families More Likely to Homeschool When Pandemic Ends

LTP News Sharing: Ted S. Warren/AP PhotoA RealClear Opinion Research poll released Thursday found 40 percent of families are more likely to choose to homeschool their children or engage in virtual learning once the coronavirus pandemic subsides.The survey asked...

Knowledge Is Power

LTP News Sharing:     As we conducted extensive research into original documents to uncover hidden black history for our 400-year black history book project, we discovered that black history was being deliberately re-written to keep black Americans corralled into...

Never Bend the Knee

LTP News Sharing: By Ready or not, the fight is coming to your communities, your schools, your workplaces, and your places of worship.Recently, I posted a meme on Twittershowing a large idol with “BLM” on it, people bowing down before the idol labeled...

Chicago Sees Deadliest Weekend of Gun Violence in 2020 as George Floyd Protests Continue

LTP News Sharing: By (File photo: Joshua Lott/Reuters)Chicago saw its deadliest weekend of gun violence this year as protests, riots, and looting continued to rock the city after the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.A total of 24...

A View of Critical Race Theory

LTP News Sharing: “The two most important questions are: who will teach the children and what they teach them?” ― Plato In a nutshell, Critical Race Theory is a doctrine that asserts that white people are oppressors and people of color are oppressed. Enlightenment can...

Tokenism, Whiteness and the African American History Museum: Horace Cooper v. Scotty Smart

LTP News Sharing: This short excerpt from the Fox News Channel’s “The Ingraham Angle,” broadcast on 7/15/2020 and featuring Project 21’s Horace Cooper, has been posted under fair use guidelines for the purpose of non-profit, educational public...

CEOs Lack Integrity When Opposing Election Integrity

LTP News Sharing: Georgia’s voter integrity law is being dragged through the mud by the left. To be clear, protecting the electoral process from potential fraud is not racist. Yet leftist activists have co-opted hundreds of American companies to join them in an...

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“Truth is eternal and unchangeable and does not submit itself to the thoughts, hope or actions of man.” -Weaver


“No race, culture or nationality in America has ever achieved economic freedom by political means.” -Weaver


Success is a verb, not a noun. It is based upon what you are doing not what you are thinking.


Success begins with the family! Only the American people can resolve social and economical problems.

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