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Justices Allow “Human Weeds” to Prosper

Justices Allow “Human Weeds” to Prosper

LTP News Sharing: When it comes to the toll wrought by abortion, Project 21 member Rasheed Walters solemnly observes that “[w]e will never know” what America missed from those who were lost. In a Boston Herald commentary, he puts much of the blame for abortion’s...

The family that owns The New York Times were slaveholders

LTP News Sharing: By JOHANNES EISELE/AFP via Getty ImagesIt’s far worse than I thought. In addition to the many links between the family that owns The New York Times and the Civil War Confederacy, new evidence shows that members of the extended family were...

Man buns and metrosexuals: Inside America’s war on masculinity

WND recently reported that Princeton University was instituting a “men’s engagement manager” to battle aggressive masculinity. Not only is Princeton’s decision foolish, but the fact some are too afraid to call this foolish is even more foolish. Of course, the notion...

No Mainstream ‘Journalist’ Is More Racist Than MSNBC’s Joy Reid

LTP News Sharing: BY A.J. KAUFMAN | P J MEDIA Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Joy Reid is at it again. Well, she never really ceased her bigotry. Reid used to run a blog where she often engaged in anti-gay and anti-Muslim rhetoric. The ignoble provocateur...

Profiting From Racial Pain

LTP News Sharing: “It is time America recognizes what’s going on” regarding Benjamin Crump. Crump is the attorney behind many of the recent “black lives matter” lawsuits that have garnered international headlines and helped fuel the unrest that’s taken innocent lives...

Berkeley ‘Person of Color House’ Bans White Guests From the Common Area

LTP News Sharing: BY RICK MORAN | P J MEDIAAP Photo/Ben Margot, File)The University of California, Berkeley has been at the forefront of left-wing lunacy for 50 years. So it’s not surprising that a “Person of Color” house would create a swollen list of rules and...

Zoom Meetings Expose Extremist Educators

LTP News Sharing: During the pandemic, online meetings have provided countless funny examples of people exposing their true selves when they didn’t realize they were on a live feed. Sometimes, the result can be more graphic than at other times – but that’s another...

Car-Ramming Attack in Waukesha Brought to You by the Democratic Party

LTP News Sharing: BY RICK MORAN | PJ MEDIA AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps There has been a very quiet experiment happening in America since 2016. The experiment was launched by billionaire radical George Soros and includes “reforming” the U.S. justice system. The “reform” is...

(Video) Mason Call It Early-Think People

"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) acknowledged Thursday that it is combining the results from viral and antibody COVID-19 tests when reporting the country's testing totals, despite marked differences between the tests. First reported by NPR's WLRN...

(Video) We Love Each Other-Interview with Coach Dave

Mason Taking Questions about Current Events on Dave Daubenmire Show "Coach Dave Live" Recent Riots Black people must compete to come up, not loot. Black vs African American We do not think white people hates us Blacks and Whites love each: the Real America (Peace...

Clarence A. Mason Zoom meetings. Preparing for the Elections.

Clarence A. Mason Zoom meetings. Preparing for the elections. It is time to get serious folks. This elections will haves more demons at work than ever before. Time for Christian warriors to show up. By Clarence A Mason aka...

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