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(Video) A Good Father

(Video) A Good Father

What the world needs more of: are good fathers. Are you a good father? Did you have a good father? Will you become a good father? Ladies, will you find a good father for your future son or daughter?... Sons learn to be a good man to become a good father--stick with...

When Anti-Racism Protests Turn Racial

When Anti-Racism Protests Turn Racial

LTP News Sharing: If the current protests destabilizing America are really supposed to end racism, then the words of Terry Crews should be revered. Instead, the former professional athlete-turned-actor has been vilified for warning protestors to check themselves to...

(Video) America is a great country. For everyone!

There is no place I would rather be Black man, father or husband. America is great because Americans are great.  DO NOT JUST LIKE IT! Share it....thanks. By Clarence A Mason aka Mason Weaver #leavetheplantation Join Us...

Jamie Riley, UA’s dean of students, resigns following Breitbart story on controversial tweets

LTP News Sharing: Jamie Riley, the dean of students at the University of Alabama, has resigned a day after Breitbart published a story highlighting tweets from the dean contending police are racist and other controversial statements. Go to Source Author:

UVA to Blame for Racial Intolerance

LTP News Sharing: Of all the places where racial intolerance could rear its ugly head, did it have to happen again in Charlottesville, Virginia? In the same city where protests over race and the public display of historic statues of Confederate leaders led to...

Religious Policy in China Before and After the Sino-Vatican Agreement

LTP News Sharing: Beijing is implementing total control over the Church and religious communities. For some Chinese priests there is a re-edition of the Cultural Revolution. But in reality China is implementing a project that dates back to the 1980s: the Chinese...

Blacks: Stop believing ‘white privilege’ is real

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 1975 with a BS degree in political science. I studied sociology at Merritt College under Melvin Newton, Huey Newton’s older brother. I have studied black history, Swahili, the African slave trade and understand the racial tensions in...

Trump Doubles Down On Targeting Of Cultural Sites In Iran

LTP News Sharing: “They’re allowed to kill our people. They’re allowed to torture and maim our people. they’re allowed to use roadside bombs and blow up our people. And we’re not allowed to touch their cultural site? It doesn’t...

Muslim invasion – and the crazy Europeans who invited them

Another terrorist attack in Europe. Is anyone really surprised? You invite millions of military-aged men from the Middle East, basically unvetted, and you are surprised that they act like military-aged men from the Middle East? I wrote the book “Tribalism” to...

Oberlin College’s “almost sociopathic malevolence” towards Gibson’s Bakery

LTP News Sharing: I appeared tonight on Tucker Carlson Tonight to provide an update on the Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College case. It was my first time doing an on-set interview, and it was fun. TUCKER: In late 2016, three students at Oberlin college, maybe...

Stephen Miller The Democrats are…

Who are the democrats, listen to Stephen Miller. For decades the democrats have hammered our inner cities...

‘Fascist!’: Michael Bloomberg heckled by gun rights activists in Virginia

LTP News Sharing: RICHMOND, Virginia - A group of pro-Second Amendment activists heckled former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg at a campaign event early Saturday night. Midway into Bloomberg’s remarks one protester yelled, “You’re f---ing fascist!...

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