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Yes, the “c” in Democrat today is either silent or should be dropped totally from the party name. 

Demolishing America is what they’re all about nowadays, and only anti-American traitors would do that. 

Thus, Demo/rats is a much more accurate descriptor for these destructive vermin. 

So, what are some of the most problematic examples to date? 

  1. Demo/rat demolition of national security:  When a country’s borders are permeable, national security is compromised.  United States’ borders today are nearly nonexistent, and that has been true since the current Demo/rat occupant of the White House moved in three years ago.

Obviously, this provides an open door for terrorists to come here.  As most will remember, the 9/11 fanatics — pretending not to be fanatics — came to the U.S. legally on temporary visas.  Today, radicals of all types can just walk into the country unimpeded … or marginally inconvenienced at best. 

Hundreds on the terrorist watchlists have been “encountered” at the Southern border, which means others made it through without being stumbled upon.  Plus, it’s likely the number of terrorists not on the watch list — extremists unknown to the U.S., i.e., pretending not to be — is orders of magnitude larger.  As a result, it’s almost certain that thousands of bad actors have come through America’s unsecured borders.

Should Americans be concerned that some might have brought weapons with them?  Automatic weapons?  Biological weapons?  Chemical weapons?  Cyber weapons?  Directed energy weapons?  Small nuclear weapons?  The possibilities are endless and with thousands of “got aways” how can anyone know?

Pathogens — weaponized or unweaponized — would be high on the list based on how easy it would be to bring them into the country.  Illegal aliens have brought innumerable diseases here that are not normally found in the U.S., but it’s unknown how many concealed bioweapons they might have transported.  We may find out sometime soon and the targets could include our food supply — crops and livestock — not just people. 

Regardless of the weapons utilized — one type or many different types — the consequences could be catastrophic, making 9/11 seem small-scale by comparison.  And if a coordinated assault occurs across the U.S., think what China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and other enemy nations might do while American national security assets are overwhelmed here.  Most are testing America’s resolve already. 

Hmmm!  Could that mean the recent influx of military-aged Chinese males at the southern border isn’t because they’re escaping persecution back home?  Surely, any card-carrying members of the Chinese Communist Party would have presented those credentials to officials at the U.S. border, right?  You bet!  

So, when attacks happen, who will have caused them?  The Demo/rat Commandless-in-Chief and those pulling his puppet strings!

  1. Demo/rat demolition of the U.S. economy, a.k.a., Bidenomics:  As noted in my Ayn Rand-prescience blog about Bidenomics last year, “‘You can avoid [the brain-dead] reality’ of destroying America’s energy independence, ‘but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding [that] reality.’ Clearly, increases in gas prices were going to accompany this executive duncemanship [cancelling oil and gas projects].  However, once that domino fell, a whole cascade of additional ones tumbled immediately thereafter. Higher gas costs led to supply chain problems which created product shortages that drove up consumer prices thereby providing a vessel for … what? Inflation!”  Thus, Bidenomics sent the country down the path where working Americans can’t afford food and other essentials. Who caused it?  The very same Demo/rat Commandless-in-Chief and his puppet masters!  
  1. Demo/rat demolition of law and order, a.k.a., Demo/rat facilitation of crime:  Moving to the local level, lawlessness is the norm in most cities led by Demo/rats and that has been true for a few years now.  Defund the police and similar moronic actions have plagued numerous cities, yet the Demo/rats in charge never fix the problems.  They just move to cashless bail or whatever is next on the stupid list. 

Who caused it?  Demo/rat mayors! 

Who else contributed?  Demo/rat city councils and public defenders (sic), today’s public adversaries!

  1. Demo/rat demolition of civility — the woke acronyms:  Technically speaking, these were not a product of the Demo/rat party; the efforts were led by “socialist-loving “intellectuals’”  within America’s universities.  Nonetheless, they’re all registered Demo/rats.  Thus, it’s the same difference and the Demo/rat party has blessed each and every acronym along the way.
  1. CRT:  Critical race theory is total B.S. and those who pushed it were and are, in fact, the racists.  Although CRT is no longer advocated publicly, Demo/rats are still closet supporters, i.e., closet racists.  They just change the terminology when the acronym of the day — e.g., CRT –is proven to be totally bogus.  “White privilege” hasn’t been abandoned yet, but when it is, some other racist nomenclature will follow. 

Who are the champions?  Demo/rats nationwide!  

  1. ESG:  Environmental, social and governance “principles” (sic) have fallen out of favor among mainstream Demo/rats.  Of course, that only happened because of financial return problems on Wall Street.  Billions were pulled from money bleeding ESG funds.  Investors tend not to favor losing propositions. 

Obviously, that doesn’t mean anything has changed with the Demo/rat’s environmental, social and governance agendas; they just stopped using ESG as the acronym. 

Who are the champions?  Demo/rats nationwide!  

  1. DEI:  Diversity, equity and inclusion has been one of the biggest hiring boondoggles ever.  As noted in my American Thinker article a year ago (, “When America’s woke progressives successfully snookered the nation into accepting equity (the impractical pursuits of equal outcomes) as a replacement for equality (equal opportunity) the ballgame changed, majorly.  The topline issue is no longer about hiring the applicant with the best credentials to do the work.  Today, training and experience for a job barely count with DEI employers.”

And what will equal outcomes do to any organization’s bottom line eventually?Turn profits into loses … the path to bankruptcy.

Who are the champions?  Demo/rats nationwide!  

  1. Demo/rat demolition of patriotism and Americanism:  Those two terms are nonexistent within today’s Demo/rat party.  Truthfully, though, they’ve been missing from the Demo/rat vocabulary since at least when I came home from Vietnam in 1969 proud of my combat service and that of my brothers-in-arms.  The socialist/communist Demo/rats openly disparaged anyone who was patriotic back then, and that condemnation has grown ever since. 

Who caused it?  Anti-America Demo/rats writ large nationwide! 

So, how do we fix these Demo/rat messes plus others, assuming they are fixable?

It won’t be easy, but 2024 may be America’s last chance to turn things around.  If that doesn’t happen in all critical political races nationwide, America’s world leadership will end prior to the nation’s 250th birthday in 2026.  Tragic, indeed! 

Closing warning, though, if the Demo/rats are defeated in the most crucial White House race in November.  You can be certain that world events — here and abroad — will spiral out of control prior to the changing of the guard in January 2025.  It will be hold-your-breath time for a couple months.  The national security concerns noted above could explode into a devastating reality. 

And who will have caused it?  Demo/rats!