Funny how we learned of a new book being released with the same exact name as Mason’s book that Mason wrote and published in 2019. The other interesting fact is that Amazon removed Mason’s book and is now only selling Mark Levin’s book with the same title as Mason’s book (“The Democrat Party HATES AMERICA”). Can anyone explain to us why this is so? Why is Mark Levin (Lawyer) using Mason’s wonderful book idea to promote a book with the same title. Why did Amazon change Mason’s book title and remove Mason’s book cover from Amazon?

Does the republican party hate Mason Weaver? We also used to own the domain name: The Democrat Party HATES and now it was recently purchased (6/14/2023).

This is another assault within the same party. A house divided against itself will not stand. These are the types of situations black people face and American patriots as a whole continue to face–how can we ever win?

Mark Levin has some explaining to do.

The Democrat Party HATES AMERICA The Democrat Party Hates America

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