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The case for charter schools

The case for charter schools

LTP News Sharing: By Kevin Williams reviews Thomas Sowell’s new book on charter schools in the July 27 issue of National Review. The review is published under the headline The Collapsing Case against Charter Schools.” The review opens:Thomas Sowell —...

UK Labour party pledges free broadband funded in part by Silicon Valley tax

LTP News Sharing: The UK’s opposition Labour party has promised it will give free full-fiber broadband to every home and business in the country if it wins Britain’s upcoming December elections. The party said it would nationalize part of UK telecoms firm...

The World According to Calvin: It Just Needs a Little Tweak

LTP News Sharing: Elizabeth Warren is determined to set herself apart from the rest of the Democrats-for-Socialism candidates running for president.Rather than an arch-foe of capitalism she’s presenting herself as its savior. Accordingly, in addition to...

Ka-pow! It’s Meghan Marvel: Duchess of Sussex tells her agent to find her a role as a Hollywood superhero

LTP News Sharing: She has previously urged female workers to channel their 'inner Wonder Woman' to take on the world – but now Meghan Markle could become the real deal. For the Duchess of Sussex wants to play a superhero in a blockbuster movie – and has...

What if president Trump did use the “N” word?

Omarosa has charged President Trump with using the “N” word and claims audio proof of it. The media seems to think it is more powerful to black America than the record unemployment rate, higher incomes and a prosperous economy. Do black people really afraid of a...

ECONOMICAL: Economic Power, not Equality (Listen)

LTP News Sharing: Listen Here: ECONOMICAL: Economic Power, not Equ…  Having a strong family is where economic power comes from, not from electing the right candidates. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast....

The liberal message is the key to saving America

The liberal message is the key to saving America

Department of Justice Charges Unprecedented Number of Elder Fraud Defendants Nationwide and Launches Hotline

LTP News Sharing: Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs Attorney General William P. Barr, FBI Director Christopher A. Wray, and Chief Postal Inspector Gary R. Barksdale today announced the largest coordinated sweep of elder fraud cases in...

Democratic Party closing last two offices in South Dakota

LTP News Sharing: The South Dakota Democratic Party will be closing the doors at both of its offices due to financial troubles, leaving the state with no Democratic Party offices. The state party will be closing offices in Sioux Falls and Rapid City at the end of...

Did you ever love America

LTP News Sharing: If you ever loved America don't ever vote Democrat.That party defines the term "Organized Crime". The Clinton's pay for play is staggering. Obama sold our principal seaport to the Chinese and Hillary sold our Uranium to the Russians to name a few....

Science Says: Lockdowns Could Kill More Of Us Than The Coronavirus

LTP News Sharing: By We’ve listened intently as mainstream media outlets, both print and broadcast, have lectured us and the rest of America on the lifesaving virtues of the Wuhan virus lockdown. While it may well be true that it saved lives from the virus,...

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