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LTP News Sharing: Rethink why we do NOT want help from the government. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a...

Kamala Harris Campaign Staff Admit: ‘We Still Do Not Have a Real Plan to Win’

LTP News Sharing: Sen. Kamala Harris’ (D-CA) 2020 Democrat presidential primary campaign is flailing, according to her current and former aides. A New York Times report reveals warring factions within Harris’ campaign against her Baltimore, Maryland and...

NASCAR, Chip Ganassi Racing Duped In Billion Dollar Ponzi Scheme, Affiliation Unlikely to Leave Stain on Sport (DC Solar)

LTP News Sharing: The co-owners of DC Solar Solutions, Inc. plead guilty on Friday to charges associated with running a one billion dollar Ponzi scheme. Jeff and Paulette Carpoff (along with five others who have/will plead guilty) acknowledged that between 2011 and...

Black owned business increased 400% under racist Trump.

Black owned business increased 400% under racist President Trump.  The tremendous progress within the black community under President Trump should be celebrated by all. Who could be against record employment and record business ownership? Those racial managers,...

What’s wrong with being a racist

Racism has no power!

Why Not Take The Free Fish?

From the Great Depression to modern day, Americans make tough decisions: either continue to live on government assistance or learn to fish.

ECONOMICAL: Success, Success, and some more SUCCESS!

LTP News Sharing: Success. What is success and how do you gain success. Success is NOT a game. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The...

Brokaw on Sanders’ 2020 Chances: ‘Really Hard to See’ How People Will Say ‘I’m for Socialism’

LTP News Sharing: During the roundtable discussion segment of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” former “Nightly News” anchor Tom Brokaw admitted his skepticism of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) chances at the presidency, especially with the success of...

FBI Raid, Middle East Mystery Money, And Biden’s Brother All Raise Questions

LTP News Sharing: By ED MORRISSEY | Hot Air.ComJoe Biden might enjoy improved electoral math these days, but the math around his family’s fortunes doesn’t add up at all — and it’s not just Hunter, either. Politico’s Ben...

What if president Trump did use the “N” word?

Omarosa has charged President Trump with using the “N” word and claims audio proof of it. The media seems to think it is more powerful to black America than the record unemployment rate, higher incomes and a prosperous economy. Do black people really afraid of a...

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