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This is the Economy “Back on its Feet”?

This is the Economy “Back on its Feet”?

LTP News Sharing: When the December employment report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics was released, the number of jobs created was only half of what economists predicted, despite reflecting what is usually a good season due to the holidays. Yet Joe Biden took...

Radicalizing the SEC

Radicalizing the SEC

LTP News Sharing: Gary Gensler, appointed by Joe Biden to run the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), reportedly has loftier ambitions. He allegedly hopes to become Treasury Secretary someday. In the quest to be noticed, Gensler is noticeably making the SEC –...

(Video) What are you going to do when the truth HITS you square in the face? Catherine Austin Fitts is a part of a new Documentary Film coming out in January. This interview is a must see, please take the time to watch this video. Mark of Beast The Dollar The Economy Opportunity Zones Global Slavery...

Pro-BLM CEOs’ Credibility is DOA

LTP News Sharing: You go first! That’s the message the National Center’s Scott Shepard has for CEOs and other business leaders who’ve failed to put aside their own “privilege” when buying into the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Despite making “active financial and...

Limited Spending Key to Economic Stability

LTP News Sharing: Despite our economy hurting from “a fragile post-pandemic world,” Project 21 member Martin Baker hastens to remind readers that “our economy has been in peril longer than most would care to admit.” In a commentary syndicated by InsideSources, Martin...

Women’s History Month (March 1-31, 2020): Celebrating Bertha Benz, the first driver.

LTP News Sharing:   Video Produced by Normal Content   One hundred and seventy‑two years ago this May, an automotive pioneer was born. Bertha Benz, who played a major role in the invention of the automobile, is credited with achievements that now span over a...

Straightforward Truth and Why Americans Fear The Future.

LTP News Sharing: By Rick Hayes | The Daily Hayes  The destructive capabilities of a Tsunami like the one that hit the Indian Ocean and decimated Japan are unimaginable. But what is far more alarming is its gradualness and the surprise of those trapped in the...

Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Is Filled with Anti-White Racism

LTP News Sharing: By Samantha Chang | The Western Journal As concerned parents nationwide protest the insidious encroachment of critical race theory into their children’s classrooms, Congress quietly passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that incorporates CRT’s...

Rosa Parks Strategy Now at the Back of the Civil Rights Bus

LTP News Sharing: You may not recognize Ben Crump’s name or face, but there’s no way you don’t recognize his handiwork. A lawyer for the families of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Jacob Blake, Crump is practicing what Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper calls “a...

(Video) Is Texas Freedom the Secret Ingredient for Economic Recovery?

LTP News Sharing: When former Trump Administration official Sebastian Gorka asked Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper for a “teachable moment” from the coronavirus shutdown, Horace noted: One big takeaway is that our Constitution is intended, was created and...

US employers hire 1.8M despite new COVID-19 shutdowns

LTP News Sharing: By The unemployment rate fell to 10.2%, down from 11.1% in June.Economists surveyed by Refinitiv expected the report to show that unemployment dropped to 10.5% and the economy added 1.6 million jobs.The U.S. economy added 1.8...

Todd D. Sims / Director

LTP News Sharing: Todd D. Sims joined Maven's Board of Directors in September 2018. He has served as a member of the Board of Directors of B. Riley Financial, Inc. since October 2016. Since March 2010, Mr. Sims...

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