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John A. Fichthorn / Chairman

John A. Fichthorn / Chairman

LTP News Sharing: John A. Fichthorn joined Maven's Board of Directors in September 2018 and was elected chairman of the board in November 2018. He has served since April 2017 as Head of Alternative Investments for...

Todd D. Sims / Director

Todd D. Sims / Director

LTP News Sharing: Todd D. Sims joined Maven's Board of Directors in September 2018. He has served as a member of the Board of Directors of B. Riley Financial, Inc. since October 2016. Since March 2010, Mr. Sims...

Straightforward Truth and Why Americans Fear The Future.

LTP News Sharing: By Rick Hayes | The Daily Hayes  The destructive capabilities of a Tsunami like the one that hit the Indian Ocean and decimated Japan are unimaginable. But what is far more alarming is its gradualness and the surprise of those trapped in the...

Sanders drags Democrats to the left; will it be 1972 all over again?

LTP News Sharing: Sanders is an avowed democratic socialist whose “free college” mantra has captured the party's youth vote, despite his having turned 78 years old. For decades he has lectured against the problems of big banks, an economy that works for...

Please Take a Few Moments…

LTP News Sharing: This is interesting; did you know that Mexico has specific financial criteria for obtaining residency?  If you plan to live, work, or retire in Mexico, Mexican Immigration Law stipulates that applicants for residency must fulfill certain criteria,...

ECONOMICAL: What Does It Mean to Be Independent? (Listen)

LTP News Sharing: Listen Here: ECONOMICAL: What Does It Mean to Be I…  Mason explains what it means to be free and independent, not dependent on anyone or any program. The essence of leaving the plantation. Grow with us today. This is a must hear. Enjoy! --- This...

Keeping Fares Grounded in the Era of Luxury Air Travel

Recommendations Airline travel is up, but National Center Senior Fellow Horace Cooper warns that state-sponsored luxury carriers are exploiting an unfair financial advantage that could end up raising ticket prices for rich and poor Americans alike. In a commentary...

Democrats Peddle Doom, but the Middle Class Never Had It So Good

LTP News Sharing: These days, when you listen to the gloom of the media and many of the presidential candidates, you have to wonder what country these Debbie Downers are talking about. Former Vice President Joe Biden recently declared, "The middle class is getting...

Three Steps to Social/Cultural Breakdown. The Corona Hoax (Video)

The virus is real, the threat is a hoax. The threes steps to Social/Cultural breakdown.   What are the three steps to complete social collapse? Why are the powerful forces on both sides aiming towards that goal? Will they succeed? Clarence A. Mason.

Democrats Should Be Terrified: Voters Love The Economy and Credit Trump For It

LTP News Sharing: BY President Donald Trump smiles during State of the Union address, Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018 in Washington. (Win McNamee/Pool via AP)If you’ve watched the Democrat primary debates you’ve probably been getting mixed messages about the...

AOC complains of too many health insurance choices on Obamacare exchange

LTP News Sharing: ep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., tweeted Monday, "no one should go through" choosing between 66 health care plans and lambasted Republicans for framing the issue around "choice" for consumers. "Members of Congress also have to buy their plans...

Black Women Hit Hardest by Biden-ployment Slump

LTP News Sharing:  BY JOHN CARNEY | Breitbart  The first jobs report of the Biden administration saw black women the hardest hit by a slumping labor market. Even though the nationwide unemployment rate fell in January, the unemployment rate for black women jumped from...

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