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Biden’s Biggest Problem is Himself

Biden’s Biggest Problem is Himself

LTP News Sharing: Joe Biden could do a lot by doing nothing at all. After all, it appears that everything he has done is crippling the American economy and destroying opportunity. High inflation, supply chain issues and increasing regulation have led financial experts...

Abandoning Broken Locales Has Become A Fiduciary Obligation For Firms

LTP News Sharing: Only an Icarian mixture of high-test naiveté and hubris would lead anyone to dare fate to create more headaches in 2020. One conundrum that has reached, or soon will reach, migraine status for businesses (and families) is whether to move out of...

Gillum Victory! Are blacks in love with Socialism?

Does the stunning victory of Tallahassee Mayor Gillum for Florida Governor, announce the black support for Socialism? Is there any evidence of Socialism doing anything positive for Black people? Are black people prepared to choose a master or choose freedom?

(Video) Time to Leave The Plantation! Pray for Trump 2020

We Americans must fight back to save our nation. Pray to save our voting and election. God heard our prayers in 2016 and He will save us with Trump again for 2020.

(Video) Uncle Tom, Jim Clyburn to link Trump and Corona Hoax

Jim Clyburn you are shameful to the black community and so is Joe Biden.

Biden’s Bluster on Jobs Betrays Economic Peril

LTP News Sharing: While the unemployment rate officially fell during the month of March, any kind of celebration would likely be “shortsighted.” That’s the analysis of a report by Barron’s that cited last month’s jobless numbers announced by the U.S. Bureau of Labor...

Time for BLM Transparency

LTP News Sharing: It’s time for more transparency in the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s time, in the words of one member of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network, to “begin anew.” After being given over $90 million in 2020 alone, and having $60...

Mason’s New Book: “Poverty, It Didn’t Fit My Lifestyle”

Mason's Book NewAmazing Book "Poverty, It Didn't Fit My Lifestyle""If you are not working hard at this, if you are not working every day at this, if you are not proclaiming yourself, you are not making it work. Every time they leave each other, instead of saying,...

US employers hire 1.8M despite new COVID-19 shutdowns

LTP News Sharing: By The unemployment rate fell to 10.2%, down from 11.1% in June.Economists surveyed by Refinitiv expected the report to show that unemployment dropped to 10.5% and the economy added 1.6 million jobs.The U.S. economy added 1.8...

Already in a Hole, Biden Won’t Stop Digging

LTP News Sharing: Less than a year into his presidency, Joe Biden is extremely unpopular with the American people. Recent polling shows him with just a 38% approval rating, while Kamala Harris clocks in with a historically low level of 28% approval. And, on the Fox...

After the Panic Comes the Control

Liberals and the other ungodly, believes fears gives them control. They devises problems and the solution always takes more of your rights away. After 911 we got the Patriots Act. What will be the solution after the Corona Hoax?...

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