Biden is scheduled to visit the state on Wednesday and Trump On Thursday

Listen to their messages and you decide.

“What Michigan workers care about is ensuring that they have a job so they can have money in their pockets, so they can put food on the table,” he continued. “Trump focuses on the economic message. The Democrats, Joe Biden has a real tough time coming into Michigan and acting like he’s a moderate because we know simply he is a pawn of the radical Democrat left.”

“When you look at the policies that Trump has done his first term in office with the passage of the USMCA [United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement], that is good for Michigan workers, that’s good for Midwestern workers,” he said.

“Biden he is a reflection of what he passed in the Senate with the old NAFTA plan, which wasn’t good for America.”

“So we like the American first policy. We want to make sure we have money. We want to make sure we can send our kids to school. That is Trump’s focus. That’s his message and that’s why people are going to get out and vote for him,” Chatfield continued.

Chatfield then compared the policies of Trump and Biden.

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