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CVS Health Board Members Should Be Fired for Discriminatory Policies, Say Investors

LTP News Sharing: Washington, D.C. – The director of the Free Enterprise Project (FEP) presented a shareholder proposal at CVS Health’s annual meeting today, requesting an audit of the company’s policies that he believes are discriminatory. He also called on investors...

(Video) Joe Biden was correct…

We Built this nation together to act like it. Stand proud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqbvFjhFukI #leavetheplantation By Clarence A Mason aka Mason Weaver

Don’t Be Fooled — Antifa Is America’s Nazis

LTP News Sharing:  AP Photo/Gillian FlaccusThe key to understanding the Democrats is this: They accuse the Republicans of whatever they are up to. So when the libs call us “Nazis,” it’s time to take a peak under the non-binary, black bloc fashion-wear of their own...


WorldNetDaily debuted in May 1997, and the world was refreshed with the truth, right between the lies. Congratulations, WND. The acceptance of the final Obama budget gives all of us pause. Trump and the Republicans could have changed it but chose not to. They are...

Supreme Court Demands Proof of Clear Racial Discrimination

LTP News Sharing: Black Conservatives Praise Justices for Rejecting “Race Card” Allegations to Root Out Real Bias   Washington, D.C. – Allegations of racial discrimination in contracting must prove that bias is the sole reason for a...

BREAKING: Another Big Win for Religious Freedom at SCOTUS

LTP News Sharing: By Katie Pavlich | Townhall.comSource: (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 Monday in favor of public High School football coach Joseph Kennedy’s right to pray on the field after games. “Joseph Kennedy lost his job as a high school...

Racist! Protesters – including one in a gorilla mask – hurl EGGS at California recall candidate Larry Elder before attacking his security

LTP News Sharing: By MATT MCNULTY FOR DAILYMAIL.COM A woman wearing a gorilla mask follows conservative talk show host and gubernatorial recall candidate Larry Elder as he walks along streets lined with tents of unhoused people, in Venice California governor hopeful...

BLM Rioters “Aren’t Making Me Any Safer”

LTP News Sharing: When it comes to the conditions that sparked rioting in American cities, Project 21 member Rich Holt said it’s the liberal elected leaders who deserve the blame – not the police. In a panel discussion on RT America, Rich said that people should “not...

9 Key Points from Trump Campaign Press Conference on Challenges to Election Results

LTP News Sharing: By Joel Pollak | Breitbart Photo by Associated Press Rudy Giuliani and other lawyers representing President Donald Trump’s campaign outlined their case Thursday that the Nov. 3 presidential election was so deeply flawed in several key states that the...

What Difference Does Proving a Stolen Election Make? All the Difference in the World

LTP News Sharing:  By Wayne Allyn Root | Townhall.com  Source: Jesco Denzel/German Federal Government via AP Remember that famous Hillary Clinton line about Benghazi? She asked, "What difference does it make?" She meant it's over; it's old news; why rehash it now?...

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