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The Soul of Black Conservatism

The Soul of Black Conservatism

LTP News Sharing: By Jason Riley | The Wall Street Journal ILLUSTRATION: BARBARA KELLEY Thomas Sowell has spent a lifetime challenging the orthodoxy on race, economics and more—and produced an impressive body of scholarship along the way. Economist Thomas Sowell has...

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Did Today’s Witness Out Himself as the Leaker Who Reached Out to the Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower?

LTP News Sharing: By Matt Vespa | Townhall.ComLt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Director for European Affairs for the United States National Security CouncilWell, the first round of today’s Trump impeachment hearings has concluded. Jennifer Williams, an adviser on Russia to...

President Trump Signs EO Creating Accountability and Demanding Higher Standards for Law Enforcement

LTP News Sharing: By Reagan McCarthy | Townhall.com  Source: AP Photo/Patrick SemanskyPresident Trump is signing an executive order on Tuesday regarding police reform that instructs Attorney General Bill Barr to oversee accountability for law enforcement...

Biden: Antarctica is facing extreme ice loss. Sea levels and temperatures are rising around the world. Yet Donald Trump continues to deny the evidence

LTP News Sharing: Antarctica is facing extreme ice loss. Sea levels and temperatures are rising around the world. Yet Donald Trump continues to deny the evidence in front of his own eyes. We need to take action to solve the climate crisis—and that starts...

Whoopi Goldberg Slams Debra Messing, Eric McCormack’s Calls for ‘List’ of Trump Supporters

LTP News Sharing: "Last time people did this, people started killing themselves. This is not a good idea," says Whoopi. UPDATE at 3:45pm PT on 9/3/19: Eric McCormack took to Instagram to say his original post about Trump had been "misinterpreted in a very upsetting...

What Is He Afraid Of? Adam Schiff Again Refuses to Allow Elise Stefanik to Ask Questions

LTP News Sharing: By Katie Pavlich| Townhall.comDuring the second half of questioning at Friday's impeachment inquiry hearing on Capitol Hill, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff shut down questioning of former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch from...

Blame Cuomo for New York’s Medicaid crisis

LTP News Sharing: When it comes to New York’s latest Medicaid mess, the buck stops with Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Or rather, the buck should stop with him, if only he would enforce his own rules. Turns out the state’s massive government-run health plan for the...

Lawmaker Wants To Make Gun-Free Zones Liable If Someone Hurt

LTP News Sharing: State Rep. Gary Eisen, R-St. Clair Township, introduced House Bill 4975, which would revoke governmental immunity from lawsuits arising from injuries sustained on government property where guns are banned. Eisen is also the sponsor of House Bill...

Facebook Appoints Failed Lefty British Pol As Censor-In-Chief

LTP News Sharing: My fellow Americans, I give you Nick Clegg. Pull up a chair. This is a good one. Scott Shepard Clegg, a Briton, has become relevant on this side of the Atlantic because Facebook has made him its Vice President of Global Affairs. That relatively...

Democrats’ decision to televise Trump impeachment hearings could prove politically perilous

LTP News Sharing: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrats in the U.S. Congress took a major step toward impeaching President Donald Trump this week when they agreed on the rules for publicly televised hearings after weeks of testimony behind closed doors. But it is also a...

Pelosi Ducks an Impeachment Vote

LTP News Sharing: Democrats and a cheerleading press corps are accelerating their drive to impeach President Trump, with the release Thursday of the whistleblower complaint and a harangue of the acting director of national intelligence. Not to spoil the fun, but when...

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