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Ancient & Modern History of Scandals

LTP News Sharing: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/maven-user-photos/americanminute/content/Ndo9vuBy6kekhnpf5cB_dw/kNP2hdCIHE6nxvLnKzdJAg A list of notable Republican and Democrat political scandals in American history: Go to Source Author: Bill Federer

World Of Warcraft Front Lines

LTP News Sharing: Guest Post By Ian Garrison, MAGA Millennial World of Warcraft Classic Hype Shows That People Prefer Uniqueness, Not Socialism As someone who has played Vanilla back in 2006, I was incredibly excited when Blizzard announced that they would re-release...

President Donald J. Trump addressed the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges

LTP News Sharing: On September 10th, President Donald J. Trump addressed the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) 2019 Conference in Washington, DC. This was the first time a U.S. President has addressed the HBCU...

Social Media Giants are a Threat to the Republic

LTP News Sharing: Today’s Campaign Update (Because The Campaign Never Ends) You seriously cannot make this stuff up, folks. – Democrat activists in Hollywood are planning to release a movie in September in which Trumps supporters are dehumanized by...

The Wrong Impeachers

LTP News Sharing: Donald Trump keeps it simple, and likely too simple given Ukraine’s opaque and corrupt politics, when he says Joe Biden arranged the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor looking into a company that employed his son. You can find quotes on both...

How Important Is Today’s Racial Discrimination?

LTP News Sharing: By Walter E. Williams | Townhall.comThere is discrimination of all sorts, and that includes racial discrimination. Thus, it's somewhat foolhardy to debate the existence of racial discrimination yesteryear or today. From a policy point of view, a far...

Usurpation of Power by the Courts

LTP Recommendations With responses of former Presidential Candidates. Go to Source Author: Bill Federer

NYT updates Kavanaugh ‘bombshell’ to note accuser doesn’t recall alleged assault

LTP News Sharing: By The New York Times suddenly made a major revision to a supposed bombshell piece late Sunday concerning a resurfaced allegation of sexual assault by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh — hours after virtually all 2020 Democratic...

Trump dismisses potential primary challengers as ‘Three Stooges’

LTP News Sharing: President Trump on Tuesday dismissed three potential Republican presidential primary challengers as "Three Stooges" as he seeks reelection in 2020. In a pair of tweets, the president mocked former Reps. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) and Joe Walsh (R-Ill.)...

Margaret Thatcher & England’s Past & Future?

LTP News Sharing: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/maven-user-photos/americanminute/content/Ndo9vuBy6kekhnpf5cB_dw/kNP2hdCIHE6nxvLnKzdJAg "The sanctity of the individual" versus "honor-shame" cultures. Go to Source Author: Bill Federer

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