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Biden’s 2024 Announcement Is Full of Lies

LTP News Sharing: Townhall MediaEarly on Tuesday morning, President Joe Biden launched his 2024 re-election bid via a three-minute video posted across social media. Like his gaffe-filled presidential speeches, the campaign clip is riddled with false claims about...

Hunter Biden Knew His Art Buyers. Ethical ‘Guardrails’ Were a Scam

LTP News Sharing: AP Photo/Mariam ZuhaibHow much would you pay for a piece of “art” created by a political figure who had no history or experience in the creative arts but seemingly just picked up some paint and canvases and began splashing things around? Well, if you...

The Real ‘Reset’ Is Coming

LTP News Sharing: By Source: AP Photo/Patrick Semansk President Joe Biden believes the Ukraine war will mark the start of a "new world order." In the middle of the COVID global pandemic, Klaus Schwab and global elites likewise announced a "great reset." Accordingly,...

The Left Got What It Wanted—So Now What?

LTP News Sharing: By Victor Davis Hanson| American Greatness There is no schadenfreude in seeing the Left destroy everything it touches—because its claws tear all of us as well. What was the purpose for the insane opposition of the Left between 2017 and 2021? To usher...

Oh, So That’s the New Argument to Bring Back Mask Mandates

LTP News Sharing: AP Photo/Rogelio V. SolisDr. Anthony Fauci’s reign of terror is finally ending next month when that demented little elf finally retires, leaving an ugly legacy of distrust, science fiction, and outright lies. Fauci has been one of the go-to experts...


LTP News Sharing: In May 2020, the world was turned upside down when a massively-overdosed George Floyd died on a Minneapolis street while waiting for an ambulance that could have saved his life. The narrative that Minnesota’s criminal justice system was biased...

Is Claudine Gay a Plagiarist?

LTP News Sharing: By Christopher F. Rufo and Christopher BrunetHarvard president Claudine Gay has problems. Touted as the first black woman to run the nation’s most prestigious university, she assumed leadership with high expectations, but her tenure, which began this...

‘Racist’ Cori Bush: Byron Donalds ‘Is a Prop’ Who Supports ‘Perpetuating White Supremacy’

LTP News Sharing: AP Photo/Jeff RobersonOn Wednesday afternoon, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) nominated Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) to be the Speaker of the House. With Democrats having been unified in nominating and voting for Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), that means two black...

Biden Energy Policies Benefit Putin, Russia

LTP News Sharing: After liberals alleged for years that the Trump Administration was giving Russia favorable treatment, the Biden Administration is now allowing Vladimir Putin’s regime to benefit from new American “anti-energy policies.” According to a RealClearPolicy...

The FBI’s Whitmer Kidnapping Case Looks Like A Potemkin Terror Plot

LTP News Sharing: By Max Morton | The Federalist With the help of snitches, the FBI rounded up some unemployed, homeless, mostly alone and angry loudmouths to build a fantasy football-style display of domestic terrorism fear-porn. Over the past few weeks, there has...

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