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Media’s NeverTrump Voices Drown Out Republican Perspective

LTP News Sharing: Outside of the Beltway, Republicans and conservatives steadfastly opposed to Trump are a small minority – more than 90% of Republicans approve of the president. Yet, judging by the column inches and TV appearances being doled out, NeverTrump...

Mitt Romney knew the storm was coming over his impeachment vote. How long it lasts will be up to Trump.

LTP News Sharing: Hours before he cast the lone Republican vote Wednesday to remove President Trump from office on the charge of abusing his power, Sen. Mitt Romney said he fully expected the decision would make him a target of derision for the president and his...

Trump Helps Define Endangered Species Regulation

LTP News Sharing: Believe it or not, the Endangered Species Act (ESA) doesn’t actually have a definition for the term habitat! In a public comment submitted to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), National Center Senior Fellow Bonner Cohen, Ph.D. supports...

Trump has the right strategy on Beijing. As a Chinese dissident, I’d know.

LTP News Sharing: as someone who has spent years with the knife edge of the Chinese Communist Party bearing down on my throat for my human rights work, I know that the president is on to something. Tariffs and economic threats may be blunt tools, but they are the...

George Washington’s Thanksgiving Prayer

LTP News Sharing: The Prayer at Valley Forge, engraving by John McCrae George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation By the President of the United States of America, a Proclamation. Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty...

The Faces And Strategies Of The Deep State

LTP News Sharing: We are constantly being lectured to by the media and Democrats that there is no “deep state.” That Trump and Republicans are just making up conspiracy theories to cover their own nefarious deeds. Most people who do not imbibe only...

Charles Carroll of Carrollton – Longest Living Signer of Declaration

LTP News Sharing: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/maven-user-photos/americanminute/content/Ndo9vuBy6kekhnpf5cB_dw/kNP2hdCIHE6nxvLnKzdJAg The unique life of an amazing founding father. Go to Source Author: Bill Federer

Black Activists Rebuke Comparision of Impeachment to Civil Rights Movement

LTP News Sharing: Partisan “Clarification” Called Disrespectful and Hypocritical Washington, D.C. – Pushing back on lawmakers who compare impeachment proceedings to the Civil Rights Movement and the fight against Jim Crow discrimination, members of...

Gregg Jarrett Predicts No Justice From Durham Probe

LTP News Sharing: guest-hosting the Lou Dobb’s Show, Gregg Jarrett stated that he doubted the Durham probe would lead to any members of the deep state being charged. Gregg made his prediction during a conversation with Jason Chaffetz regarding the probe: Gregg...

Zero Cheers for Warren’s Wealth Tax

LTP News Sharing: By MICHAEL R. STRAIN | National ReviewSen. Elizabeth Warren high-fives a girl at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa, August 10, 2019. (Brian Snyder/Reuters)Senator Warren’s proposal would hit fortunes above $50 million with a 2 percent...

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