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I want a Trump win so big it sends a message to the Ruling Class that we are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

I am not supposed to be rooting for Trump and MAGA. I’m supposed to be one of the million and change who huddles on my couch in terror, watching MSNBC as the results from Iowa trickle in. I’m supposed to somberly nod when Rachel Maddow tells her viewers they won’t show Trump’s speech.

Shut down the speech! I am supposed to say, as if any of this is normal. I will not watch itI will not listen for myself and think for myself and judge for myself. I will instead fill my head with what Lawrence O’Donnell, Joy Reid, and the Queen of media, the Multi-Million Dollar Baby, Maddow herself tells me!

“Yes, turn it off,” Bette Midler says. “Yes please!” moans Barbra Streisand. “It’s the right thing to do,” says Rob Reiner, “to save democracy.”

“This is a difficult decision,” Maddow told her viewers to justify censoring Trump’s speech. Somewhere deep inside, this must humiliate the journalist she once was. On some level, she knows this is as bad as what Vladimir Putin does in Russia to protect his people from bad news.

Saving Democracy includes censorship, in case you didn’t know, along with throwing your political opponents in jail and removing them from the ballot, not to mention persecuting political protesters for thought crimes and using the legacy media as your own personal propaganda delivery device. Are we sure this isn’t Putin’s Russia?

Is this really where we’ve arrived as a country, as a people, as the once-mighty Left? Yes, there is no point in pretending otherwise.

We’ve watched the whole game play out this past week as they twisted what Trump said — yet again — about “poisoning the blood of our nation.” They decide what his words mean; replacing “illegal immigrants” with “immigrants” makes it racist. So here is yet more proof of the person you need to fear.

Oh, the lies they tell.

They can’t see what they have become. By now, Trump could be dragged through the village and hanged, and all of them would cheer. His supporters could be put in detainment camps, and they would all go along with it.

In the run-up to 2020, I was in a panic that we were about to live through another 1972. I did everything possible to ensure Biden was the nominee because I knew he could beat Trump. But now, bring it on, I say. Let’s have the full landslide victory, the total beatdown. They deserve it.

Democrats deserve to lose, and to lose so big it sends an unequivocal message that resonates through the ages — never again.

Never Again

Can it happen in this country that the sitting president investigates a duly elected president before he takes office. It can never happen again when one regime declares itself the supreme leader and decides to systematically undo the election results by sabotaging the campaign and the presidency of their chief rival. That choice is not up to them. It’s up to us.

It can never happen again that The Regime drives an impeachment, aided by the Security State, and sends out operatives within the administration to “find something” to use against Trump and openly sabotage him when his job is to serve us, the American people.

And that, The Regime, out of bitterness, narcissism, and totalitarian impulses, demands all of American society form a phony “resistance” and use that to justify the dehumanization, marginalization, surveillance, and disenfranchisement of American citizens.

It can never happen again that the “well-funded cabal” of elites form a pact with politicians, billionaires, the media, and the Security State to rig the election. That is the exact kind of monopolistic abuse of power Teddy Roosevelt once sought to dismantle.

It can never happen again that an election is won long before Election Day because The Regime decided to change laws to allow them to collect ballots in an operation funded with dark money by billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, a decision made without the permission of the American people and hidden from them by a lying, complicit media.

It can never happen again that lawyers like Michael Teter and the 65 Project are allowed to threaten and harass lawyers who might choose to represent or defend Trump or people who worked for him. They don’t get to convict Trump of imaginary crimes in the Court of Public Opinion to justify their authoritarian overreach.

It can never happen again that political protesters are treated like terrorists in their own country, put on trial for “spectral evidence,” what they believe rather than what they did.

It can never happen again that protests themselves are turned into threats against The Regime. Not in America. Protests are the voice of the people, and it’s the government’s job to shut up and listen, not to tell them to shut up, throw them in jail, and turn them into enemies of the state.

It can never happen again that a former president and his administration weaponize the DOJ to persecute and jail a political opponent. The four indictments, the two impeachments, the phony show-trial — who elected Liz Cheney to be the leader of anything, let alone the decision to convict Trump in the Court of Public Opinion without the defense of counsel or due process. Shut up and sit down, ma’am. I don’t care who your father is. This is not a monarchy. It is your job to listen to us.

The ongoing lies told by the press about Trump are beyond the scope of one regime’s power as granted to them by the people of the United States. If they are to be state propaganda, then let them be identified as such.

The Regime doesn’t get to tell the American people what they should care about. They don’t get to decide what kind of country this should be for us. And they certainly do not have the right nor the invitation to go to war on our elected leaders just because they don’t like them.

Come November, the silent majority must find their way back to 1972. If our leaders can’t bring this country together, then we, the people, must.

Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown

To Democrats, the memory of 1972 remains an enduring nightmare. Nixon won every state but Massachusetts. Watergate handed the Democrats one more chance in 1976 to address the needs of the people. They failed, still trying to sell their utopia.

By 1980, it was a changed country. So many wandered around aimlessly, joining cults, tuning out, going to California to “find themselves,” only to eventually “sell out,” abandon the hippie life and embrace the “greed is good” lifestyle of the 1980s.

Heading into the 2020 election, many of us were warning about another 1972, a pull too far to the left. Don’t pick Bernie, we said. Don’t pick Elizabeth WarrenDon’t rock the boat. Trump had shaken things up in 2016, and now we needed someone to calm things down.

By May, violent protests broke out on the streets. All of our best-laid plans were destroyed as COVID lockdowns ended, and protesters were burning buildings, looting, and assaulting police officers. It was beginning to look a lot like 1972.

As I was frantically urging my fellow Democrats to do something or risk Trump winning in a landslide, I slowly began to realize that there was never any intention of telling the public the truth. Their narrative was going to be that the police were racists, that Donald Trump was the racist-in-chief, and that if we didn’t vote him out, this would be our new normal.

The media and the politicians were going to gaslight Americans, lie directly to our faces at the Democratic National Convention that these were “mostly peaceful protests.” If there was violence, it was justified because Trump was just that evil.

What a fool I was. I was like Jake at the end of Chinatown, who spends the whole movie trying to rescue Evelyn, only to lead her to her own demise.

That was the beginning of the end for me. Once I saw the puppet masters, I couldn’t stop seeing the strings. They were on their way to rigging the 2020 election, and nothing was going to stop them, certainly not violent riots on the streets of America. What riots?

By the end of the election, I realized that there was never any intention of Biden and Harris winning over the hearts and minds of the people on any mandate. They were going to coast on the fumes of the Obama presidency and let the system win the election for them.

I realized I’d wasted time I didn’t have advocating for a candidate the system would install and pretend everyone voted for. They didn’t. They voted against Trump without giving Trump time to change their minds, which is what elections are supposed to be about.

Biden took the protests as a clarion call to guide his presidency, but that is not what the people voted for, not even close. They changed America almost overnight without even asking us. He was a trojan horse, like George Spahn, who opened the door and allowed the Manson family to take over Spahn Ranch.

I kept waiting for the day when the madness would stop, the bubble of fear and hysteria would burst, and things could return to normal. They’ve brought nothing but division, nothing but chaos. They’ve foisted upon us a cult-like religion none of us asked for. Now, we’re being forced to accept that there is nothing immoral about mutilating the bodies of children, sterilizing them all in the name of utopia.

They care more about the migrants they’ve invited to flood our borders than the people in the cities and towns who can’t accommodate them. Let them eat cake, they might as well say. And if you care about any of it, you’re a racist and a bigot who hates all immigrants.

Biden and the Democrats have had almost four years to prove to the American people that they were the better option, but they’ve failed. They’ve failed to unite the country. They’ve failed to defend “democracy.” They’ve failed to revive the economy. They’ve failed to calm things down.

It’s long past time for Trump to arrive on Election Night with just two words, short and sweet, “you’re fired.”

Breaking Away

I’m rooting for Trump and MAGA as I rooted for the Cutters in Breaking Away, the kind of movie Hollywood would never make today. Why wouldn’t they? Because they don’t care about people like those who inhabit this film.

For one thing, they’re white. For another, they live in a red state and would be MAGA. At least some of them would be. What a great story that would be, four friends divided over politics.

But that isn’t what this film is about. It’s about four friends who live in a college town in Indiana whose life paths feel hopeless. They’re stuck with minimum wage jobs to maybe get married and live the lives their parents did. They’re called Cutters because the main source of income in the town was the rock quarry.

All four of them have dreams that will likely go unfulfilled, but lucky for us the filmmaker, Peter Yates, has our best interests in mind. By the end of the movie, the four of them have entered a bicycle race against the college kids. With a crummy bike, shabby clothes, and rundown shoes, they take on the race.

The odds are against them in every way imaginable, from the only good racer getting injured to the others not being able to ride very well. They’re fish out of water in their t-shirts that say Cutters on them. Despite it all, they don’t stop. They push forward through the pain, hopelessness, and humiliation, and by some miracle, they pull out a surprise win.

By the end of this movie, there was not a dry eye in the house. Movies used to do this for us. They used to transport us from our ordinary lives to experience the extraordinary.

When I felt so much despair by the end of 2020, I began watching MAGA rallies, getting to know the people I’d been told were racists and monsters. But even after everything had been taken from them- their culture, government, status, and jobs – they were happier than anyone I’d seen in a year.

We had everything, and we were miserable. They had almost nothing, and they were having the best time, whether it was freezing or raining. Tell me, have you ever seen a political speech like this?

Watching the richest and most powerful people in the country demonize and dehumanize people who have no power makes me sick. They can’t tell stories like Breaking Away because they don’t know the country anymore. They have decided to turn people they no longer understand into their enemies.

Without even knowing it, the Democrats and the ruling class have inadvertently cast themselves as the villains in this story. In their ignorance and stupidity, in trying to cling to what was instead of allowing an ever-evolving country to turn the page, they’re missing one of the greatest underdog stories in the history of America.

I don’t know about you, but I’m rooting for the happy ending when the underdogs prevail and win in a landslide. Go MAGA go.