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In The Daily Caller, Project 21‘s Donna Jackson refutes the Biden Administration’s claims that its environmental agenda will help minorities and other vulnerable groups in America:

…Donna Jackson, the director of membership for the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network, is not convinced that the administration’s spending and emphasis on “environmental justice” will actually make any difference for the demographics such initiatives are purportedly designed to benefit.

“A top priority for black communities now is home ownership. Green policies make the cost of building homes more expensive,” Jackson, told the DCNF. “The materials are more expensive, and the environmental regulatory requirements add costs that contribute to higher home prices. New and affordable housing developments often are either delayed or completely stopped over environmental impact issues,” which in turn “contributes to artificial housing scarcity that also drives up homes prices.”

“For communities with lower education rates, the green agenda to deindustrialize the country is a financial disaster for minority communities,” Jackson added.

Donna has testified before Congress and elsewhere on how so-called “environmental justice” initiatives are no justice at all. Examples on her congressional testimonies can be found here, here and here. Her media appearances can be viewed here.

Author: The National Center