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Everything is a lie. Never believe anything that a Democrat politician says, ever. In 1982, after passing the largest tax cut in American history, Ronald Reagan was approached by the Democrats in the Congress with a budget deal. They proposed that if President Reagan agreed to a tax increase, for every new dollar they raised in taxes, Congress would cut spending by two dollars. Reagan, in an attempt to reduce the national debt, agreed to the deal. Taxes were raised, but not only didn’t the Congressional Democrats cut spending, they increased it. In 1990, the Democrats offered George HW Bush a very similar deal. If he agreed to break his campaign promise – “read my lips, no new taxes” – they would cut three dollars of spending for every new dollar of taxes raised. Guess what happened. Taxes were raised. Spending was increased. We went into a recession. George HW Bush lost the election in 1992 to Bill Clinton.


The Democrats are now talking about border security, as if it is actually a priority for them.  After Joe Biden opened our southern border and publicly invited people from all over the world to enter our country illegally – 7 million foreign nationals have taken him up on his offer over the last three years – the Democrats are finally talking serious about border security. We all know this is a ruse. We all know that the election is about nine months away, and the overwhelming majority of the American people want to have strong borders, so after three years of having open borders, and Biden and the Democrats are suddenly talking border security.


Last Friday, Joe Biden said, “I believe we need significant policy changes… to ensure we have the authorities we need to control the border. I’m ready to act. Now the question is for the speaker and House Republicans, are they ready to act as well? They have to choose if they want to solve a problem or keep weaponizing me to score political points against the president. I’m ready to solve the problem. I really am. Massive changes. And I mean it sincerely.”  This is a President who reversed all of Donald Trump’s effective border security measures such as “remain in Mexico”. So, instead of requiring “asylum seekers” to wait in Mexico for their asylum hearing, the Biden administration sets illegal immigrants free into our country with the promise they will come back in a couple years for their hearing which most never do.


Biden not only stopped building Trump’s border wall on our southern border, he has auctioned off much of the $15 billion of the building materials for pennies on the dollar, making it even harder for the wall ever to be completed. And on Monday, the Supreme Court, by a 5-4 vote, granted an emergency appeal from the Biden administration, to cut the wire along a 30 mile stretch of the Rio Grande Valley near the border city of Eagle Pass that the state of Texas put in place to curb the massive invasion at their border with Mexico. How can you claim to be for border security and remove the very things that help secure the birder? The Democrats want to cut the razor wire down that is protecting American citizens from foreign invaders because they say it doesn’t work, but they erected razor wire around the Capital to protect them from American citizens.


In response to the Supreme Court’s ruling, White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby said that “President Biden has, since the very beginning, since day one, been concerned about our immigration policy,,, there’s obviously more that can be done, not only to create legal pathways, but to enforce the laws that are in place and whatever new laws come with this so that we can crack down on illegal immigration.” So, they talk a good game about border security, but everything that they do is the exact opposite of securing the border.  


Now, the Democrats are offering “border security” in exchange for $60 billion for Ukraine. Remember, never believe anything a Democrat says. If the border was actually a priority for the Democrats, they would not tie it into a deal with funding Ukraine’s war with Russia which they know many Republicans are against. If border security was really important to them, they would pass a single piece legislation to secure the border, in fact, Joe Biden could do it with an executive order, you know – a phone and a pen. Border security is not important to them, the deal for the Ukraine funding is. And the Democrats will do what they always do in these types of deals, they will not hold up their end of the bargain. The Democrats will get $60 billion for Ukraine so that their billionaire donors in the defense industry and the oligarchs in Ukraine will get even richer, and the billions of dollars designated for border security, will not be used to stop illegal immigrants, but to process them into our country.


They are proposing these fraudulent deals to the Republicans during an election year so that the Republicans will do one of two things – they will either reject the extremely flawed deal, in which case, the Democrats will claim that the Republicans are preventing the border from being secured, blame the crisis on them, and win over uninformed voters, or the Republicans will accept the deal which will simply process millions of more illegals into the country who will end up being Democrat voters in five years. This is what they always do, they create the problem by doing the exact opposite of what most Republicans want, and then they blame the problem on the Republicans if the Republicans do not support the Democrats’ fake solution.


This is all being done to change the demographics of the electorate. They want to get as many people in the country who will vote for their big government handout policies. We are witnessing, the great replacement theory in real life. In New York City earlier this month, 2,000 United States citizens were removed from their public high school in order to house thousands of foreign nationals, who have entered our country illegally, who have violated our federal immigration laws. New York City is prioritizing criminals over citizens. In California, which is carrying $520 billion of debt, Gavin Newsom signed legislation that will give illegal immigrants free medical care. There are over 10,000 homeless veterans in California, men and women who fought for our country who are living on the streets, and Gavin Newsom couldn’t find any money in the budget to help them out, but he was able to carve out billions to ensure illegal immigrants get healthcare. And we wonder why military enlistments are at a 40-year low.


And we all know what is going to happen at the border if Joe Biden or Michelle Obama happen to win in November, we will not hear another word about border security from the Democrats for the next three years. The border will be wide open, another 7 million will walk in, and the Democrats idea of immigration reform will be to give 30 million illegal immigrants amnesty, citizenship and the right to vote, so they can win elections. The sad part is that if the Democrats would actually listen to the American people and do what the voters want, they would win every election, and not have to destroy the country in the process.