“Pay for a tax cut?” Are they kidding us? You expect me to pay the government in order to keep more of my money? That will be the noise from the Village Storytellers as we move into the tax-reform debate. The government would like to frame the topic as how much of the “governments’ money” they will allow us to keep. It will never be framed as how many taxpayer dollars can we save.

The very concept of coming up with a solution to “paying for our tax cut” requires you to believe all of your money belongs to the government, and if we are good boys and girls they will allow us to keep more of it.

Why not use this concept? It is a successful one already in use. It works with Social Security: They decide how much to take, tax us when they take it, keep it for us until we retire, collect the interest themselves, and they decide if, how much and when we will get it back. Then they tax us again on our payments, keeps some if we get or have another job past their self-determined age for our retirement, and when we die they determine how much, if any, is given to our heirs. It is their money, not ours; we are slaves to the government.

Even though we all know the federal government has no money and they produce no product, we still allow the argument that we must go before the government with a good excuse for tax reform. Unless we tell government how we are going to pay for a tax cut, we cannot hope to receive one.

If the government just returned to their original authority from “We The People”, there would be a surplus to the government. But we are bullied or guilted into accepting government confiscation of our income to pay for votes.

We must ask ourselves a question: Are we entitled to our money, or is someone else entitled to our money? We know vast amounts of revenues to the federal government are wasted. So much is wasted, and no one is surprised when we see examples of waste.

One of the reasons I wrote my first book, “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation,” was to point out how hypnotic government is to our beliefs system. We believe taxation is a form of charity to help the less fortunate. Some of us believe it is our patriotic duty to support every government program. But the truth is, compelling me to pay for someone else’s medical care or education is not charity; it is confiscation.

We are taxed every time we move or touch our money. We are taxed to death and even after death. Bill Clinton and the Democratic Congress approved a “back tax” that covered folks who had died before he was in office.

As the debate over your taxes rage on in the next few weeks, ask your self a few questions. Would you rather your Social Security deductions go into your 401k or the federal treasury? Would you prefer all of your Social Security income be transferred to your heirs or allow the government keep some of what you leave? The tax debate will be centered around your sense of guilt, not your determination to take care of your family.

They are going to call you mean, greedy, selfish, unpatriotic and un-American. You will be required to accept total government domination of your life. They will try hard to convince you that your desire to take care of yourself is crude and rude.

Are you prepared to defend your freedom? Let’s demand a change to the narrative. How much money should we allow the government to have? How will the government stop the waste? We are done with programs to take care of the poor. We want a program to eliminate government assistance to the poor and allow the people to create jobs, fund real charities and increase families’ income. All of this together would alleviate poverty and certainly curtail government interference, but what it would not do is feed the swamp creatures.

This will require putting pressure on government to change. We cannot allow politicians to assume ownership of our money. There must be a loud and continued response every time they bring it up.

Watch for it, listen for it – it will come soon. “How are we going to pay for it?!” Let that become your trigger; let it be your rallying call. When they poke their miserable, greedy heads up … let them have it.

They cannot resist the will of the people if the people express their will.

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