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Our Project 21 ambassadors have had it up to HERE with Harvard, Claudine Gay, DEI and affirmative action.

On numerous radio programs and all three major right-leaning television networks, our Project 21 friends have been preaching the benefits of hiring and promoting based on merit and hard work over checking the right racial boxes.

On the Fox News program “Hannity,” Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper said even he could be considered more qualified than Dr. Gay, and intellectual giants such as Condoleezza Rice certainly would be:

I’d really love to have interviews with the Harvard Corporation and ask “Why didn’t you interview Condoleezza Rice? If you wanted a brilliant, exceptional person with academic and managerial experience, she fits the bill! Claudine Gay doesn’t fit any bill! Heck, I’ve written more books than she has!”

It’s unbelievable that people want to claim that high standards are a problem for minorities. The truth of the matter is, it’s low standards that are a problem for minorities. Only the David Dukes of the world (and apparently now Mr. Obama) think that it’s ok to have a poor-functioning mediocrity like Ms. Gay as the president of Harvard University.

During an extensive interview on the One America News Network, Project 21 Director of Membership Development Donna Jackson told Stella Escobedo that Dr. Gay’s rise to power was no accident:

They knew that she didn’t meet the standards, but they put her there because according to her ideology, she did. These goal of the African Americans that they always choose is to destroy any institution in America that stands for merit and excellence….

It’s degrading to me as an African American woman for them to say this is the best they could have done. The woman she plagiarized is one of our Project 21 members but they didn’t choose her. They bypassed her, and they do that often. They bypass people who are prepared, who have the right credentials and who work hard. They don’t like anyone who believes in the American Dream. They don’t want anybody who says that anyone who puts forth the effort can achieve. They want people who are always blaming someone else for their success.

On Newsmax TV’s “American Agenda,” Project 21 Ambassador Whitley Yates said Dr. Gay has no right to play the victim card after failing to protect Jewish students on the Harvard campus:

This really began when students — specifically Jewish students — were the victims on Harvard’s campus, and her administration did absolutely nothing about it.  To allow antisemitism to not only grow but to continue to fester on this campus, and then to sit in front of Congress and double down on that type of behavior, was insufferable for me to watch.

But then we have the lingering plagiarism… And the fact that she stayed in her tenure, she stayed at this university — costing them somewhere up to a billion dollars in donations — is deplorable.

And the fact that it took this long, but now SHE has become the victim and not the students who had succumbed to the antisemitism and the calls for genocide against them is really just saddening.

Author: The National Center