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Ever been to a club where the bouncer checking IDs at the door is also working a clicker to keep a headcount so the place doesn’t violate the fire code capacity (by too much). Each person in is a click, each person out is a click. It makes sense and avoids any serious issues. Democrats are like that bouncer, only their clicker has an endless supply of buttons with each one representing some random configuration of human beings – skin color, gender, sexual orientation, pronouns, whatever weird mental health issue they’re pretending is not something for which people are desperate for help, but instead perfectly normal as it further rips that person apart. You know, the stuff progressives do – divide to conquer.

Democrats say they want certain places to “look like America” but seem less concerned with other places. The true “look” of America is people the most qualified getting the job, the best winning, and people be able to go wherever they want without regard to their skin color holding them back. We fought a war against Democrats to end slavery, then spent 100 years fighting the segregation and Jim Crow laws they put in place to keep people hating each other.

Well, as I’ve said before, Democrats never change their objectives, they simply change their tactics. Segregation is now done in the name of tolerance to provide a “safe space” for snowflakes to melt. 

Victimhood is the Bitcoin of the left, and every Democrat was an early adopter who got rich in social capital off it. Only the market is crashing, and they’re still spending like Hunter Biden during tax season. 

The most common button on the “progressive clicker,” and their favorite, is the race button. They wear it to a nub on an average day on MSNBC with the fervor of Hunter Biden face-planting into a pile of blow. It’s their go-to for everything. What used to be an emergency brake for when they were losing an argument is now their opening salvo – calling something racist is easier than trying to make a case or refuting facts and reality. 

That’s wearing pretty thin, as most people yawn at the charge now. The 1619 Project and the NAACP both declared pointing out the plagiarism of Claudine Gay, President of Harvard and, aside from Joe Biden, America’s most successful academic fraud, to be racist. When I heard it I laughed. Gay is obviously a diversity hire – her resume is as thin as the paper it was printed on, and shaved even thinner now that about half of her “academic” writing has been exposed for being littered with the stolen work of others.

Gay’s schtick, however, is all race-based. Her “research” centered around how black people, particularly women, have it tough because of “systemic racism.” She is so oppressed, as a matter of fact, that she was able to ascend to the head of Harvard, even though it has been known by Harvard for some time that she violated the academic standards Harvard holds their students to. Were I one of the students booted from Harvard for not being President Gay, I mean violating their honor code, I’d sue. Why not? 

But Gay plays the race game by allowing other leftists to play it in her name. And Democrats will always rally around anyone who does that, no matter how big of an embarrassment that person is to normal, non-race-obsessed people. She lets them click that button at the door. 

So does Boston Mayor Michelle Wu. 

Wu, who is a member of the racial group Democrats hate almost as much as evil whitey, doesn’t let that fact stand in the way of her using race every chance she gets. It’s important to remember that progressives are progressive first, anything else a distant second. So, if a political objective conflicts with something they’ve preached previously, the immediate always wins.

That’s how Wu, the Bull Connor of Boston (hey, Democrats honor Democrats), could host an “electeds of color” holiday party on the city’s dime. A “Colored entrance” sign is rightly disgusting, but an “Electeds of color entrance” sign is a template for a tramp stamp tattoo for every university’s valedictorian in the school of gender and race studies and a point of pride for Democrats.

Democrats discriminate against Asians constantly – everything from refusing them entry into institutions like Harvard to simply beating the hell out of them randomly on the street – but it’s agenda über alles for the left. With no sense of irony or shame, Wu defended her bigotry because what does she care? “The system” she and her fellow travelers whine about being oppressive has been very, very good to her. 

It’s weird how so many of the people who cry about “the system being rigged” against various groups of people are members of those various groups and managed to achieve incredible success in that very system designed and created, to hear them tell it, to keep them down. 

Gay, Wu, Obama, Warren, Harris, etc. Minorities and women can’t get ahead in America because it was built expressly to advantage evil white men, say people who’ve gotten filthy rich and obtained the heights of power in that system. Did they think no one would notice? Or do they simply claim they’re somehow so special they were able to beat the system or are the exception to the rule? 

Of course, there are no exceptions to rules when something is “fundamental” and created for an express purpose. They’re just lying. 

Everything about these leftists is hypocritical. In a bit of hilarity, both Wu and Gay, who rail constantly about how oppressive white people are, are both married to white men. Are claims of oppression confessions about their bedrooms? Or are they simply lying because that’s what Democrats have to do in order to maintain status and power? 

I can’t comment on their marriages…but I will anyway. Make what you will of Gay’s husband working on the other side of the country at Stanford, which probably makes life better. And Wu’s husband appears to be a banker, naturally – making a fortune though capitalism is a hallmark of leftists who decry capitalism. Why anyone would remain married to someone who’d throw a party that expressly forbids people who look like them (and half their kids) from attending shows just how pathetic progressives are. Either these ladies use race and “oppression” as a weapon knowing it’s a fraud, or they have a kink for “men” who seek to be humiliated in public, and probably private. Who knows? Just my opinion based on the evidence.

Democrats rally around these racists because Democrats are racists. More than that, they recognize the utility of crying racism. There are people of all human configurations who fall for it, though that group is getting smaller and smaller every year. Until they find something to replace it with, and rich white liberals stop donating money to them because of perverse “guilt” over these lies, don’t expect them to stop. But do call them out on it; do laugh in their face over it. 

Mockery is the sincerest form of contempt, and all of these Democrats deserve to be held in contempt.