The end of February brings the end of Black History Month. That is the month for our annual celebration of the ritual destruction of the black community by the Democratic Party. Any study of black history has to be a study of this racist party and its continued efforts to stymie, control and exterminate one race of people and use them for their own gain while doing so.

There can be no black history without talking about the Democrats’ full support of continuing slavery, rebelling to keep slavery, forming the KKK to maintain dominance of black people and continuing to devise “programs” designed to keep black folks in captivity. I cannot imagine one Democratic program for black people that has worked to benefit them. That is because no program can benefit black people. Government programs can, however, keep black people dependent, predictable and reliable supporters of their own demise.

Democrats own every ghetto in America. They own every inner-city gang neighborhood, every drug corner and every gang-prep public school. Spending more money per student for the worst results is the norm for Democrat-controlled black public schools.

We owe so much to those who came before us. It is for their struggles and sacrifices we celebrate their victory. From the tears and misery they endured, we gain our strength. In honor of all who struggled and died, in memory of all who resisted and suffered, for those who lived a life not worth living to preserve life for us, we give thanks to strangers who stood with us and for us: the Republican Party. The Republican Party was founded by men and women tired of living in a country where one man could hold another man captive. It was clear to the Republican Party that, “No one is free until all are free!” Black Americans must never forget the sacrifice for justice represented by the Republican Party. We must never allow the nation to forget what they stood for and what they stood against.

The Republican Party stood for Dred Scott; the Democratic Party stood for the Missouri Compromise. The Republican Party gave us the Underground Railroad; the Democratic Party gave us the Fugitive Slave Act. The Republican Party gave us the Civil War; the Democratic Party gave us the Black Codes. The Republican Party gave us Brown v. Board of Education; the Democratic Party gave us Separate but Equal. It was the Republicans who organized the safe houses and set forth the Emancipation Proclamation. It was also the Republican-led army that marched into Galveston, Texas, in 1865 to free the slaves on that first Juneteenth celebration.

Thank you, Republican Party, for the 360,000 men sent to die fighting against their own brothers to free total strangers. Thank you, Republican Party, for the Civil Rights Act of 1866, conferring rights of citizenship on black Americans. Thank you, Republican Party, for enacting the Ku Klux Klan Act, outlawing this terrorist group that oppressed blacks.

Black people are not helpless nor without blame, especially since freedom has been won. We have (as a group) returned to the Plantation and demanded Master take care of us. And he is eager to do so.

Democrats are thrilled when Black Lies Matter demand white people take better care of black people. Seems like every problem found in the black community BLM demands white people solve. Are we pets of white America? Are we helpless children and white folks are the irresponsible parents?

Demanding white racist Democrats educate black children in ghetto schools will result in black children learning how to serve white children. It has resulted in a lower self-esteem of black children who do not have enough self-worth to compete in America. But it also has increased the acceptance of the Democratic welfare system, which has enriched those administering the poverty programs. The War on Poverty is over. Poverty has won, and it has enriched the Democrats while destroying black America.

So, what is their answer? How do blacks respond when I point out the obvious abuse by Democrats? They chime in as they have been taught: “Well, they have changed, Mason.” Well, how would you measure if they have changed or not? How can you determine if victory has been won by Democrats on behalf of black America? It is very easy. Since the black community has been giving nearly 100 percent of their vote and support to the Democrats, judge their success on how well the black community is doing. Whatever Democrats are doing to black people, you are only going to get more of it. Are you thrilled with that idea?

As we go into the midterm election season, expect the same Democratic plantation managers and their black gatekeepers to parade into the black community with promises and schemes. This time, black folks, vote for freedom not servitude, success not the mess, and for thriving not just surviving. Because, although my book title states it really is “OK to Leave the Plantation,” the last person to tell you will be Master.