The NAACP wants to confiscate guns? What a sad commentary by NAACP president and CEO Derrick Johnson, calling for a national gun-confiscation program. What a complete sellout to the historical needs of black people to defend themselves against violence. Mr. Johnson has taken the sides of racist slave masters and the plantation mentality of the racist Democratic Party they serve. I wrote “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation” to illustrate that freedom was a journey. You must leave where you are in order to go where you are headed.

In May of 1967, armed members of the Black Panther Party took over the California State Assembly, carrying rifles. Don Mulford, the assemblyman who represented Oakland, responded with a bill to strip Californians of the right to openly carry firearms. Californians have not been as safe since then.

“To know your history is to control your future” (Masonism). It was in response of the Black Panther Party that California started its war on guns. Although the act of the Black Panther Party was legal, the sight of armed black men standing in protest of the system reignited the slave masters’ fears of slaves.

The overwhelming aim at gun control legislation was to control blacks, Indians and poor people. It continues today, and the NAACP knows it, supports it and firmly engages in the victimization of those they claim to represent.

Johnson’s recent column stated, “Over 80 percent of gun deaths of African-Americans are homicides. Roughly speaking, 1 out of every 3 African-American males who die between the ages of 15 and 19 are killed by gun violence. African-American children and teens were less than 15 percent of the total child population in 2008 and 2009, but accounted for 45 percent of all child and teen-related gun deaths. These numbers are tragic and intolerable, but most of all they are preventable.” The real solution, of course, is “criminal control,” not taking guns from law-abiding citizens.

Defenseless black people became victims of the KKK, because they were defenseless. The beginning of gun control legislation was directly aimed at selected groups in America. And you can guess which ones.

In 1640 Virginia enacted a race-based gun and self-defense ban, “Prohibiting negroes, slave and free, from carrying weapons including clubs.” (The Los Angeles Times, “To Fight Crime, Some Blacks Attack Gun Control,” Jan. 19, 1992.)

Earlier Virginia passed a law stating “that all such free Mulattoes, Negroes and Indians … shall appear without arms.” (7 The Statues at Large; Being a Collection of all the Laws of Virginia, from the First Session of the Legislature, in the Year 1619, p. 95.)

It was always based upon citizen control, not gun control. The NAACP should know the history and full intentions of gun control advocates, but they join them anyway. The major fear of the slave system was armed black men joining the anti-slavery movement and exacting revenge on the South. The slave system fought that notion the same way as always, with gun control.

Either we are to believe the NAACP does not know the intentions and the results of gun confiscation, or they do know and are in league the historical and current abusers of black people.

One of the very first things implemented after the Civil War began was restrictions removing the ability of black folks to defend themselves.

In 1860 Georgia enacted a complete gun ban for slaves, which “forbade sale or delivery of firearms to slaves.”

The state of Florida, in 1861, passed a law providing that “white citizen patrols might search the homes of blacks, both free and slave, and confiscate arms held therein.”

Every decade, every century of our nation’s history has seen the steady beat to disarm and leave black citizens defenseless. To witness the NAACP joining in this choir is shameful and disheartening. We are not the pets of America. We are not frightened children. We do not need protection; we need freedom. With 25 percent of the baddest, most aggressive and most powerful military in the world made up of black men, surely these good guys can handle the Bloods and the Crips from terrorizing their families. What is it about the NAACP that leads them to believe good black guys cannot defend themselves?

In 1994 the Clinton administration introduced H.R. 3838 to ban guns in federal public housing, but the House Banking Committee rejected it. Similar legislation was filed in 1994 in the Oregon and Washington state legislatures. A similar attempt to single out the poor, in Maine, was struck down in 1995.

Your representatives will not defend your family, your church, the NAACP nor you. The court will not defend you. If you are not prepared to defend yourself, you will be defenseless. The Second Amendment is, as is all parts of our Constitution, citizens controlling government. There is no language in the Constitution proclaiming the rights of government over citizens. As a matter of fact, no government agency or personnel acting on behalf of the government has any rights in their capacity as “government”. They can only act on “Authority” given by the citizens. We, the citizens of America, reject the foolish concept of disarming ourselves. We will not voluntarily enter into slavery again. This time we are waiting for you.