What has happened to you Republicans? How dare you sit at home and allow the lewd left to take control of the elections. We have worked too hard to turn the tide for you to relax now. How dare you sit at home because your candidate hurt someone’s feelings, was rude or insulted your gender. This is not a sorority or social club. You play around with the successes we have experienced because of emotional charges of the Democrats?

You would rather have Nancy Pelosi as speaker just because your candidate is not perfect? Wake up, folks. Consider the error of your ways. Look at what is at stake. Do you really want to reverse the tax cuts? Are you willing to reverse the return of American companies to America? What is it about the record low unemployment that you hate? Do you really believe your children are safer if you don’t have the right to carry a gun? What has happened to you Republicans?

We have black Americans begging for more slavery, women demanding less power and school children marching for less security? Every problem facing black America requires white Americans to do something? Women are marching as sex objects, proclaiming they are “nasty”? You have a shooter in a school killing students and confronted by unarmed teachers and coaches, but students are demanding less guns in the hands of good guys in their schools?

We have submitted to the media depression that has been pouring over this nation since Trump was elected. This mental and psychological warfare perpetrated on Republicans is similar to the tactics of police convincing innocent people to confess to a crime. They can put so much pressure on the suspect that eventually totally innocent people will admit to a crime just to get out of the interrogations.

Is that what has happened to you Republicans? Have you been told how horrible you are, mean, racist, intolerant and hated so much that you feel guilty? Stop it, wake up, and think.

Do you really think you will feel better with the Democrats controlling the committees in Congress? Do you really want Schumer and Pelosi to control the Judiciary Committee confirming the next Supreme Court justice? Will your guilt cover your horror when you see the military surrender, China buying our businesses and more regulations placed on Americans? Is it your fantasy that the media will ease up on you if you allow liberals to have control over your health care again? Haven’t you had enough yet?

How many negative ads, fake news stories, lying commentaries and personal attacks do you need to make you abandon your children’s future to those who hate your children? Would you allow a child molester to babysit your children just because he has great bedtime stories?

You are Republicans, not timid snowflakes. You don’t need safe spaces, community organizers and protection from mean people. Why are you allowing the Democrats to go on the offensive? Aren’t you offended enough? Haven’t you seen enough?

You have had 14 months of seeing Democrats as they really are. Do you accept them as serious? You have seen the riots, pink hats and “nasty”‘women, Black Lies Matter and total disrespect. Do you not understand that giving Democrats control of Congress will create a Sanctuary Country?

If you are tired of what the media are feeding you now, do you think you will get more or less if Congress goes Democratic? The rest of Trump’s presidency will be consumed with congressional hearings, investigations and disruptions. His agenda will end as the entire Executive Branch of government will be tied up in congressional testimonies and investigations. You will lose the gains and return to slavery.

I wrote “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation” to warn America of the attempt to hijack the civil rights movement. They wanted to bring everyone into slavery instead of freeing folks from the plantation. We are the party that confronted slavery and defeated it. Now we are trying to compromise with the party of the slave master?

I am getting tired of the nervousness over Trump’s tweets, his language, mannerism and style. Don’t forget – everything you know about Trump you learned from the media. Have you forgotten where we were going before Trump?

We see the liberals having our children abandoning classrooms to march for gun control and less school safety. We allow them to manipulate our children and indoctrinate them against our beliefs, and we stand by with our eyes closed. This needs to stop. We need to rule, and we need to be in control of our nation.

We have only two choices: protecting illegal gangs or protecting Americans, tax hikes or lower taxes, public education or public indoctrination, losing the Second Amendment or strengthening it. There are no compromises, surrender or middle ground. Stop trying to win without offending the enemy. You can only win or lose to them. You cannot compromise; the only common ground is the grave. Get back in the game, Republicans, and return to your roots – conservatism.

Recognize what is happening to you and stay in control. The only way Democrats can succeed is for you to fail. And the only way you can fail is to be hypnotized. In order for you to be great you must Make America Great Again.

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