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The Hur Report has clearly shaken Joe Biden. It shook him so badly that he gave an impromptu national address Thursday night to shut down the fury, and it was a huge mistake. 

If he thought he was going to convince people by addressing the nation, he was wrong. It did not convince anyone; it made everything worse. 

This made no sense in response to Peter Doocy. 


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Biden tries cracking jokes when asked serious questions about his mental acuity. 

DOOCY: “How bad is your memory and can you continue as president?”  

BIDEN: “My memory is so bad I let you speak.”


He screamed at the reporters, and contradicted the report. 

That is your judgement, he ranted, not the judgement of the press. She is the press, so that made no sense. 

The report said there was evidence he willfully retained and disclosed classified information. So what Biden said is just blatantly untrue. 

Then he blamed his staff, saying they put the things everywhere including in his garage. This was crazy. 

That wouldn’t even make sense. He doesn’t have the same staff over all of those years, and how would the staff get the documents that even Biden wasn’t supposed to have? How would it be their fault if it’s all over his house and offices, and he’s using them to write a book? Yet he claims somehow he didn’t understand that? That was bizarre but typical, since Biden can never take any responsibility for his actions. 

Then this moment as he was trying to prove his capacity which only proved how diminished he is, as he called the Egyptian president the president of Mexico. 

So he confirmed everything right that the Special Counsel said about his mental capacity with that  He also shamefully said Israel’s reaction was “over the top.” So in addition to everything else, he threw Israel under the bus. 

Then Biden tried to play the victim because the Special Counsel said he didn’t remember when his son died, sounding like an angry old man, saying how Hur dare ask that. Then Biden forgot the name of the church where Beau Biden got the rosary Joe Biden now wears “every single day,” saying, “Our Lady of….” 

This was insane, and may have just ended Biden’s campaign and even his current presidency.