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Joe Biden could do a lot by doing nothing at all. After all, it appears that everything he has done is crippling the American economy and destroying opportunity.

High inflation, supply chain issues and increasing regulation have led financial experts like JPMorganChase CEO Jamie Dimon to predict tough times ahead. And yet there seems to be no introspection about the White House’s radical agenda.

In a “Bream Team” segment on the Fox News Channel’s “Fox News @ Night,” Project 21 Co-chairman Horace Cooper suggested all of these problems point to the performance of the man in the Oval Office:

I have to keep telling everyone who wants to pay attention to what’s be going on: the president has made things worse.

This isn’t a case of he can’t figure out what to do. He needs to stop doing what he is doing.

Horace offered a list of suggestions as to how Biden could calm the nation’s economic problem by putting his administration on hiatus:

He could make a commitment that, in the next 10 years, that there will be opportunities for people in the oil and gas industry. That they’re not going to overregulate. And that things like independent contractors – which his government is trying to shut down to make people become unions – that they’re not going to. He could actually say: “I am going to put an 180-day suspension on all new federal regulation.”

There are things that he could do. But instead, he continues to pursue the bad policies that are causing this problem.

As for his staff removing themselves from the process, there are reports of an “exodus” of black staffers from the White House. Some of the reasons given for the Biden administration’s growing lack of diversity are tense working conditions and “no real path towards [people of color] becoming decision-makers.”

“With big fanfare, the Biden administration says: ‘Look, look – we’ve got black people working for us. We’ve got a lot of black people working for us!’” Horace noted. “Oh – he has a toxic work environment. There’s no opportunity for advancement. People aren’t going to listen to you. But, like in so many other areas, he has made the situation worse.”

Horace said that this  backlash also should not have been unexpected:

It’s not a surprise that the practical solutions that many Americans – black, white or brown – might want to bring forward, they’re not going to let them be considered because the woke, eco-policies are always going to be put first even though those are destructive and hurt our economy.

And now, even people who work in the White House are wondering: “Wow! When is this gonna come to an end?”

Author: David Almasi