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“When will Black Americans relinquish the deification of victimhood?” asks Project 21 Ambassador DawnMarie Alexander Boursiquot. “When will they see themselves as more than the color of their skin and cease wearing victimization like a badge of honor?”

DawnMarie Alexander Boursiquot

DawnMarie Alexander Boursiquot

In a commentary published by The Washington Times, DawnMarie analyzes how by pushing a victim narrative, race hustlers and even some well-meaning social justice warriors have systematically torn at black identity and community:

The result of collective victimhood is evident in the cognitive abilities and behaviors that form the identity and communication with other groups. Affirmative action, reparations and other laws that are aimed to control behavior and outcomes will never heal what is truly broken, the identity of a community.

Read DawnMarie’s entire commentary here.

Author: The National Center