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As the free world reels in reaction to the atrocities committed against the people of Israel, Black Lives Matter chapters in Chicago and Indianapolis — among others — celebrated the brutal attacks by Hamas.

The Indianapolis chapter supported a statement saying that “The heroic Palestinian people have the right to resist their racist, white supremacist, land-stealing, Zionist occupiers!” followed by “I Stand with Palestine!” Even more disgusting, the Chicago chapter issued the same “I Stand with Palestine!” message, but superimposed with an image of a paraglider flying with a Palestinian flag — the method used to slaughter more than 200 concertgoers as fire rained on them from the air.

Members of the Project 21 black leadership network are outraged by these statements, and roundly condemn them and support Israel in its existential fight.

Horace Cooper

Horace Cooper

Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper:

This behavior is obnoxious and reprehensible. It tells America everything it needs to know about these organizations. They aren’t trying to promote unity or the interests of blacks. Instead these actions reveal that these organizations are co-belligerents in a radical anti-American and antisemitic vision.

STOP doing this in the name of black America. You have never represented us, and this proves you never will.

Demetrius Minor

Demetrius Minor

Project 21’s Demetrius Minor:

As American citizens, we must stand firmly and unequivocally with our Jewish brothers and sisters.

Acts of terrorism and violence against the Jewish state should be condemned on every front. There is simply no room in our country for those who oppose the existence and freedoms of Israel, our strongest and staunchest ally.

Marie Fischer

Marie Fischer

Project 21’s Marie Fischer:

I am not surprised BLM supported the atrocious terrorist activities in Israel. Remember, this is an organization that led numerous riots over the years that caused billions of dollars in damage and cost numerous lives of mostly innocent bystanders, including a retired black police officer in St. Louis.

BLM is nothing more than an anarchist organization that has done almost nothing for the black community. They say they side with “oppressed people,” while supporting the murdering and raping of Israeli men, women and children.

Where are they on the ethnic cleansing of Jews throughout the Arab/Muslim world? Countries that had vibrant Jewish communities — such as Iraq, Iran, Libya, Morocco, Yemen and Ethiopia — now have few if any.

In fact, BLM has accomplished nothing for black America, and it only serves to divide and condone violence and oppression.

Craig DeLuz

Craig DeLuz

Project 21’s Craig DeLuz:

In its support of Hamas, BLM has condoned heinous acts of slaughter of innocent families, vicious assaults and murders against women and decapitation of innocent children.

Those who align with BLM need to contemplate whether or not these are the deeds they wish to also embrace through their support of BLM.

David L. Lowery, Jr.

David L. Lowery, Jr.

Project 21’s David L. Lowery, Jr., copastor of Chicago’s Fernwood Community Outreach Church:

Black Lives Matter has no intention of creating unity, nor standing up to protect the black community. It is nothing more than a tool to promote woke ideologies.

It uses the deaths of black criminals by law enforcement to make money off the black community and progressive left as a means to intimidate and psychologically compel Americans to accept their mission to destroy the American way of life and our God-given rights!

It does not surprise me if BLM activists stand with the Palestinians, because they want to destroy America and Israel. They made billions of dollars off the American people and now they’re standing with terrorists to complete their mission to help destroy the United States!

This organization should be considered a terrorist group, and its members should be thrown into prison for the crimes they committed during COVID-19 and their ongoing support of terrorism!

Author: The National Center