LTP News Sharing:

There have been a LOT
of lies about President Trump….

The fake Russian

The impeachment over a
perfect phone call.

But perhaps one of the
dumbest of all was that he was a “racist”.

There is simply no
evidence of that anywhere and yet the MSM
shouted it from the rooftops any chance they

Well, after 8 years of
MSM brainwashing, I guess these guys still
didn’t get the Memo because they’ve
mobilized in D.C. to show their 100%
support for President Trump!

You gotta love it.

Oh, and also to tell Jack
Smith that, quote: “he’s a punk” and that
“him and Biden and Obama are all punks”.

Love these guys!

Take a look:

Backup here…

Man I love this guy!

So good!

All sorts of people are
showing up to support Trump!

Every race, every
religion, rich and poor….they people get it:
this is a SHAM!

Love this: