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Every year, Brandeis University lets its woke students put together a new list of vocabulary that is either preferred or discouraged among the rest of the student body. While the university says it is “deeply committed to free speech and free expression,” its Prevention, Advocacy and Resource Center nonetheless participates in this pronoun pogrom.

Among the dos and donts found on the current “Suggested Language List”:

  • “Long time no see” and “no can do” are considered broken English that may be offensive to Asians and indigenous people.
  • Saying “everything going on right now” without naming problems of police brutality or racism “avoid[s] accountability.”
  • “Picnic” – surprise – is a word associated with lynchings and should be substituted with “outdoor eating.”

The most interesting of the new woke words is the warning against using the term “African-American.” The Brandeis list reports:

For Black folks born in the United States, hyphenating their identity can be interpreted as othering. Some folks do prefer to use African-American, particularly in connection to their ancestral roots, while others may identify with other ethnicities.

Unless, of course, “the person/people identify as such.” Apparently, one should not inform these people that they are offending others by what they call themselves.

It seems like it wasn’t so long ago that people like Jesse Jackson were demanding that people use the term African-American over black. Now it’s the other way around. Yet it was always conservatives who were opposed to the hyphenation they saw as causing division and distrust among Americans of all races.

In the eyes of conservatives, people are simply Americans. It’s the left that still fixates on color.

Derryck Green

Project 21 member Derryck Green believes that the Suggested Language List is an indicator that students at Brandeis are not be getting a good deal for all of the dollars they pay in tuition. In a statement for the website of syndicated talk radio host Todd Starnes, Derryck said:

Brandeis University charges close to $80,000 per year to police language it deems “offensive.”

Politically-correct language that seeks to magically mitigate “discrimination” and exemplify a sense of “equity” is smug self-congratulation. This is another example of why four to five years in college isn’t worth the time or money.

Author: David Almasi