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The green-energy initiatives of Bidenomics are neither saving the planet nor improving our nation’s financial situation, Project 21’s Donna Jackson told One America News’ Monica Paige.

In fact, Donna called President Biden’s Investing in America agenda “a marketing scheme… to make people think they’re going to save the planet.”

Donna — who serves as the director of membership development for the Project 21 black leadership network — contradicted Biden’s claims about this initiative:

It’s not growing the economy in any efficient way.  It’s just taxpayer money being misused. So that’s just money down the drain, and it’s taking really valuable resources away from something else that we could be investing in that the market actually wants.

After explaining why solar and wind energy are not reliable sources of energy, Donna cut to the chase:

All of this is green slush funds and payoffs. And at the same time, they don’t have a problem wrecking your life, my life, the American people’s lives, as long as they get paid and stay in power. And we can’t have that. I’m not gonna stand for it. I’m not going to stand for it.

Author: The National Center